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By Sid Chadwick “If this Show’s management doesn’t make changes….quickly….there won’t be a Show to come to next year….”……Publication Senior Executive INTRODUCTION: Does anyone understand, saying…. “Next year…. will be different”….no longer has credibility…..in fact, whoever says that…just lost credibility…… Effective leadership…….doesn’t sit on it... Read More

Interview with Kodak’s Chris Balls General Manager of Equipment & Service and Vice President of Print Systems Division, Eastman Kodak Company We spoke to Kodak’s Chris Balls on what’s new with Kodak’s CTP offering – the latest features and enhancements. As you travel the country meeting with printers, what are they telling you about today’s operati... Read More

With projected revenues of $60 million, the combination of creative thinkers, client-focused campaign solutions, and data-driven technology has proven to be a winning strategy for PostcardMania and their clients. The OutputLinks Communications Group had the pleasure to speak with PostcardMania founder and CEO Joy Gendusa and Vice President of Digi... Read More

By Sid Chadwick “I want you to provide Earl coaching to be successful with business development ……without that….his probability for success…. owning this company, any company… is not good…”…………President, Regarding His Company’s Future INTRODUCTION: Earl had become a “comfortable” Customer Service Department supervisor at his employer. However, his... Read More

By Jeffrey Duke                                                                                                                 Owner- JD and Associates Pressroom Consulting In recapping previous articles, I am sure you have noticed I believe training is the key. Training in all departments and not just in one area. Everyone needs to be one the sam... Read More

Carey Color Incorporated, an Ohio based digital imaging and prepress packaging operation recently installed a new ‘limited edition’ KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 system. The company marked the occasion by recognizing its customers and employees at their production facility in Ohio, where they unveiled the custom designed machine, the first ‘limited ed... Read More