Passion Is The Key To Wide-Format Success!

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

I continue to be amazed and proud of the Wide-Format printing industry -- we have so much to offer.  Also, I am genuinely proud of the equipment manufacturers that have forged to still provide us better, faster, cheaper printing processes during the worst of times.

Also, a massive shout out to the substrate manufacturers who are constantly engineering and producing better ink adhesion products that are more versatile and exciting that keep us unique, relative, and even more connected to our customers.  Let me highlight…this is known as passion for our industry.

What is passion?­­

Passion is what should ignite customers, owners, ePurposemployees, vendors, and even suppliers.  It engages people to do things they may not even know they can accomplish themselves.

I am passionate about learning new and innovative ways to be a better wide-format consultant.  I love uncovering new ideas, even things that no one else thinks about or would even tackle.

Yes, I am willing to be uncomfortable and ready to push myself into the unknown – the less predictable, if you will.  I use the things I have learned to fuel my passion.  Yes, I get scared and have self-doubt – but I also realize that I will be less courageous if I don’t push myself.

I am a perfectionist, and yes, I have been told that too many times to count.  However, I am all about superior quality for our industry; anything less is just unacceptable.  Customers depend on us to be the best at what we produce for them.  Are you committed to Quality Assurance?  You can be sure that your customers already know that answer.

Lastly, as a passionate person, I enjoy fellowship with others of common interests, goals, and attitudes.  The collaboration helps me to challenge myself even more to become a valuable champion for the printing industry.

Let me ask you?

Do others describe YOU as Passionate:  If not, why not?

Would people describe your employees as Passionate?  If no, why not?

Would you describe your customers as Passionate about your Printing Company?  If no, then why not?

Moving On:

These are challenging times for the Printing Industry (as a whole).  The business has fallen short of expectations and probably will continue on that path for some time – primarily due to paper shortages.

So, how do we change the landscape currently in front of us?Product

Many Wide-Format Printing companies have utilized their skills and expertise to reach beyond what they typically produce.  They are raising their hands and heightening their capabilities by designing and engineering products they didn’t know they could manufacture.  These newly developed products extend to their current and new customers.  This is passion!

In Closing:

Now is the time to look inward to make corrections and changes within our organizations.  Sometimes the changes we need to make are hard, but they are necessary for the well-being of our company’s survival and future growth potential.

Do customers announce you as a passionate print service provider because you are committed to providing exceptional quality and superior service?

If we are not passionate about the Wide-Format industry, then our customers won’t be passionate about working with us.  Trust me, they can tell if you are passionate!

Remember, be an Order Maker, not an Order Taker!




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