Are You Micromanaging Your Sales Force?

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

Instead, maybe you should implement more positive methods – MOTIVATION & EMPOWERING!

micro managingMicromanaging definedcontrol every part, however small of (an enterprise or activity).

Are you micromanaging your sales staff with data, data, and more data!  In my research, I learned that sales rep’s screen-time inputting (my NOOT) data takes a minimum of three-to-four hours per day.  Just imagine how sales would soar if those same three-to-four hours per day were managed by motivating, empowering, collaborating, and promoting continual sales learning programs?

Yes, I know this is a sensitive subject…it’s much more sensitive to your sales reps.   There is no worse feeling than not ‘feeling’ trusted.  That is precisely how sales reps feel when “treated like children” – their words, not mine!

So, what is all that ‘must have’ data used for?  Does it improve your sales numbers and make customers feel welcomed and more valuable? Are your sales reps more knowledgeable and excited about the meet and greet with new potential customers because of this much needed essential data? 

Fact…sales reps tell me that being micromanaged makes them want to do what they need to get by (no more, no less)!  You can’t continually slap people in the face and then ask them to smile about it.

If the data you acquire is to help align and determine possible market share…then great!  If it is being used to keep your sales staff in line – then it seems you have a much larger problem!

So, has retrieving data become the new Vice-President of Sales, or Director of Sales, or Sales Manager?  What I mean by that is if you are not spending valuable time with your sales reps – then you too, have become data stricken by making sure every data box is checked, every detail is noted within the guidelines you established for the sales reps so you can prove to the higher-ups that you are doing your job well.  There is nothing like grading homework that doesn’t work for you, your sales reps, your company, or your customers! 

You might say, Debbie…”I pay my sales reps a hefty base salary – I can micromanage if I want!”  You bet you can say that!  Admitting it is the first step to fixing it.

empowering the groupThe Other Side:

If you hire Order-Makers, instead of Order-Takers…you will innately get

…out of the box thinking

…proactive and relentless approach to sales

…extreme knowledge of their specific industry

…undeniable sales creativity

…problem solving

…customer centric attitude





…perfectionism (minus the detailed paperwork, ha)

…someone who wants to learn to become better at their job continually

…someone who needs to feel welcomed and appreciated

In closing the deal:

Management…take the time to effectively communicate with your sales reps what they are responsible for.  Set and review the company goals and their individual goals with them so they are transparent about the results you expect.  Then, please give them the internal support they need to reach said goals.

Being there for them is the key to their success and yours!



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