How Wide-Format Printing Increases Sales for PSPs

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

What’s Your Vision for Wide-Format Printing?

colored eyeDo you see the exciting and enormous possibilities of Wide-Format printing? Visual communications and implementation will transfer to more interactive and dimensional experiences that engage customers personally through a direct connection.  Printed visuals are growing and evolving and remain relevant in our industry.

How about a little insight?

Retail:  Wide-Format printers need to have in-depth knowledge in the industries they wish to service.  Just so you know, retail makes up the largest market for wide-format printers – or at least it did.  I believe printers are expected to acquire knowledgeable and experienced staff that understands

retail-activation and in-store marketing aspects – at every level.  Wide-Format Printers, who become known as true industry experts, will experience long-term and legacy success with their customers.

Architecture:  Architectural designers are also seeing the tremendous benefits of using Wide-Format Printing, which offers varying textures, rigid substrates, flexible substrates, textiles, and surface wraps. These options ignite customization for exterior and interior projects (new building projects and renovations and refreshes).  Most exciting, they are willing to spend the money to gain the WOW factor!

Fabrication:  Fabrication capabilities are essential and demanded in Retail, Architecture, QSR, Restaurants, HealthCare, Education and Hospitality (to name a few).  There is a noticeable trend in multi-substrate signage and retail displays that define the construction, application, installation, and marketing material change-out.   Remember, if you engineer/create the marketing hardware, chances are you will also be the one to produce the change-outs!  Do I hear customer retention? Yep!

wide format printerSpecialization:  The skills you acquire in a particular market segment (a.k.a. Vertical Market) strengthens your position with customers.  Buyers need a provider to give life to their projects with imagination, cleverness, and pure genius!  Don’t talk; just listen and then create!

Customization & Personalization:  Wide-Format printers have the in-house capabilities of On-Demand printing utilizing their software to add customization (copy changes, image changes, substrate changes) and personalizing with company branding and even individual names.  This capability is a well-deserved up-sell.

Packaging:  Prototype packaging, as well as short-run production, creates an extra layer of business capabilities.  Fulfilling your customer’s need for short-run, fast turn-around packaging projects adds a valuable new revenue stream – building continued relevance and growth opportunities for your Wide-Format business.

In closing:

The optics are clear; Wide-Format printing is here to stay!  I know some of you are concerned that Wide-Format Printing competes with visual digital screens.  Remember, Wide-Format Signage is in addition to, not instead of.  Unless we produce back-lit signage, our products are electric-free –  so we can install anywhere the customer desires.  

The intrigue:  Wide-Format printing products are necessary for driving sales for customers.  That’s good for us!

Remember:  Be an Order Maker, Not an Order Taker!



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