This Wide-Format project is going to be EXCITING!

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

ExcitingDefinition: Exciting


causing great enthusiasm and eagerness.
"an exciting breakthrough"

I probably didn’t need to share the adjective for “Exciting.”  Or, did I?

Wide Format Thoughts --

I “enjoy” working with clients through processes and procedures for creating and designing “exciting” wide-format projects. 

I love to see them propel their entire team into the project and become so excited they are busting at the seams.  The motivation and change in employee attitudes are evident and welcoming.

The “exciting” projects are always the “wins” for us, and our customers.  You better believe our customers can tell the difference!

True Story!

During a sales meeting -- an important project was being reviewed; however, when I understood how the customer wanted it produced, I asked the account rep some pertinent discovery questions.

I felt this project didn’t want to be just a couple of wrapped canvas pieces hanging on a wall (because of the emotional intent).  I discussed with the rep some production options (layering effects, if you will) that could make this a yearly event and not just a moment behind a podium.

Together we drew up some ideas, including pricing and virtually walked through the event as a whole.  After talking with the client and showing her team our plans/ideas for the one-time event – approval came from the top to begin the project. 

The initial estimate price was $500.00 (first option).  The final project estimate was $12,000.  You see, it wasn’t about the money at all – it was about the event and the importance of what they were trying to accomplish.  Yes, it was a bit hard and challenging to get the estimate approved – but it was worth it. 

Now, this a yearly calendared event and has changed their lives and made people aware of their progress. 

GratefulUnexpected Note:  When we delivered the final project to the buyer and her team:  They, cried! 

While this project was “exciting” to produce, when the customer saw the end product – their words were “grateful.”  They were thankful we took the initiative to give them another option.



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