So, Who Cares?

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

Zoom in:  If my article reads a little brash and to the point – well, great -- that was my intent.

sad faceQuestion:  What does it take these days to experience some good Old-Fashioned Customer Service with Care?  Indeed, I am not the only person being ignored, unacknowledged, or disregarded.  Am I?  I don’t think so!

Not a day goes by that I don’t see or hear technologies advertised as Smart (i.e., Smart TVs, Smart lighting systems, Smart appliances, Smart security cameras, Smart garage door openers).  Wow, when did we get so smart?

My confusion with the overwhelming Smart technology devices and AI is why we have been missing the most crucial Customer Service components that have been linked to successful businesses for decades.

Are we so dependent upon said technology that we have foregone the touchy-feely expression of emotion that has always played an enormous role in the practical and dynamic customer service uniform when doing business?

Noticeably, we have pushed aside (don’t tell me you didn’t know) our company’s mission and vision in exchange for a more passive and transactional customer approach – to our demise.  We all want and need to be in the presence of well-established quality Customer Service with Care, but first, we must admit that expectations have fallen short.  In other words, we need to rectify and then glorify!

Maybe we’ve not been so smart after all!

So, how do we revive Customer Service with Care? (a few)

  • Smiley faceFirst up…acknowledge and commit to positive customer service growth company-wide!
  • Immediately disallow and ban toxic, negative customer comments from all staff
  • Schedule continual learning (CL) accountability session(s) with service and sales staff
  • Actively listen to customers and exhibit genuine empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Offer problem-solving and provide options whenever possible and appropriate
  • Deliver the solution with informative next steps with a complete plan of action
  • Establish a plan of customer interaction with continual project follow-ups
  • Most importantly, PSPs must become the breathing example of the exemplary service we crave as customers!


Okay, for the moment, I am finished!

­­Hey, can someone kindly help me down from my soapbox?



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