Wide-Format PSPs Think Inside The Box!

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

Debbie Nicholson- empty boxWe have used the term ‘Think Outside The Box’ so long that maybe we are ignoring and discounting what is already in our box that could be surprising and valuable to our clients!  So, I will ask you to Think Inside The Box for a few minutes!

We can become complacent and unaware of our equipment capabilities and employee skills – so much so – that we don’t raise the bar to set higher standards to elevate expectations.  So are we in a rut – do we lean towards producing the same products the same way time and time again?  Why? Because that’s the way – we’ve always done it!  Right?

So, if we are unaware of equipment capabilities and employee skills, wouldn’t you say there could be room for new and innovative ideas?  I believe that is a certainty!

Example 1:  You have a roll-to-roll printer, a roll-to-roll laminator, and you have a cutting table -- you have the needed manufacturing tools to produce fleet and vehicle graphics – right?  I am sure you have clients that need fleet and vehicle graphics. However, you step back because you don’t have access to seasoned or certified installers.

Did you know… there is a national directory for Certified Graphics & Fleet Installers?  There might be an installer near your facility – and you are unaware.  No kidding!

Example 2:  You have an older flatbed press with ink upgrade capacity to add white and or varnish.  However, you step back from adding the additional ink set because you can’t justify the investment.

Did you know… print buyers are requesting white and varnish capabilities when choosing PSPs?  The additional ink set can improve your portfolio -- ten-fold!

Chance Change D NicholsonExample 3:  You hired a seasoned Wide-Format employee for your pre-press department!

Did you know… your new employee is a retail and commercial packaging designer and engineer?  Now, that is thinking inside and outside the box!

Shifting our mindset to focus on un-mapped and un-surveyed services and products permits us to be confident that we are genuinely utilizing our internal box to its fullest extent!

By the way, we don’t always need to spend money on new printing and finishing equipment to be more valuable for our clients; we need to truly understand and bring forward the underlying opportunities that have been right in front of us the whole time!

I only gave you a few examples, but I know if you take the time to review your operation in parts, it will become apparent that there are tremendous opportunities available for you, your employees, and Customers!

Maybe it’s time you Think Inside the Box!



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