Are You Content With Your Content?

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK! 

Many words in our vocabulary have the exact spelling; however, the definition can be very different –as shown in my title above.

Action RequiredBeing content with your marketing content will invite the following problems. (a few)

  • Marketing materials begin to look tired and out of date.
  • Your new services are not promoted to current customers.
  • You are missing out on reaching countless potential new customers.
  • If the quality of your marketing materials isn’t good, the quality of your service might be bad too.
  • Sales become frustrated and embarrassed when sub-par leave-behinds are standard procedure.


Marketing content is about selling buyers your brand, your vision, your point-of-view, and even your story.  It should also introduce your uniqueness (what makes you different than other PSPs). Also, expressing why buyers should choose you and not your competitors is critical.

Sales content is about convincing buyers and prospects that you’re the best for their needs. And, your services and products are what they need.  Also, mention your staff is a good fit for a cohesive vendor-partner relationship now and in the future.

Wow factorPlease don’t saturate your marketing materials with text and photos of your equipment (buyers are not buying your equipment, they are buying your expertise).  Instead, utilize the marketing canvas to introduce buyers to your unique and intelligent projects with well-captured (high resolution) images.  Also, including a summary of the project goal and outcome gives them an up-close look at your experience and capabilities.  WOW them with your accomplishments.

Your marketing materials should be produced with 1:1 digital and printed platforms.  We want to have printed materials for sales reps to meet with customers/prospects for discussion and leave-behinds. 

Teaching Moment!

When I was a child, my Dad, had a friend who owned an auto body and collision repair garage.  I remember asking my Dad “if he owns an auto body repair garage, why does his car look so banged up?”

I remember him saying, “I guess he doesn’t have time to fix his car.”   Even as a child, I guess I didn’t understand that way of thinking.

We must take the time to continually elevate our company marketing and branding materials to remind current clients why they do business with us -- and potential clients why they should!

It’s okay to brag about your accomplishments!



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