Mentorship is a Waste of my Time!

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

MentoringI emphatically disagree -  Not Mentoring is a waste of your time!  (I can prove it!)

Recently, American Printer published my article titled -- “Are You A Mentor?”  As it turns out, my published article was a clear path to my experience this week.  Read on..


Several weeks ago, while scrolling through LinkedIn, I kept seeing TikTok videos posted of a young lady (Ashley Baumeister)  working in the production environment of a signage company, then I would watch her installing posts into the ground for outdoor signage, yet again, rising to the skies in a boom crane for an installation.  Out loud, I heard myself say, “Who the heck is this lady – I have to find out more about her story” - I was awestruck! 

I immediately found her on LinkedIn, requesting a phone conversation.  Surprisingly, she called within minutes. The more I heard her story I knew the Signage and Wide-Format Industry needed to be introduced to her straight away!

Next Steps:

I suggested I record an interview with her so she can testify and affirm the need to mentor the next generation standing behind us!

Clock and piggy bankI am grateful for our industry that her mentor, Barbara Meyers, former owner of FASTSIGNS, Buffalo, NY (currently works for FASTSIGNS Corporate), took the time and the means to lift Ashley to secure an essential position in our industry.  We should consider this a lesson in the true meaning of valuing our time!  Thank you, Barbara Meyers!

If you want to watch this informative and touching video, message me via LinkedIn.  Also, I have several of her cool TikToks I can forward. 

Response received from the Interview:

Shortly after releasing the recorded video, I received a response from a lady who used to be in our industry; however, she has since left and is now working for a non-printing organization.  

This was an emotional read; it verified why I do what I do for the industry – I am sorry that our industry failed this young lady -- in so many ways.

I hope we can be better at laying out an approachable, collaborative, and teaching landscape for our employees to grow and be more fulfilled as successful people.


Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview. I really enjoyed it. She definitely is a great asset to the wide format industry and it will be fun to see how she grows. She was so fortunate to find someone who was willing to train, inspire and give her guidance in this field.

It made me wonder where I would’ve been if I would have had someone to help me when I got into the trade. I was left to figure out things on my own and never did get any formal training. I saw a lot of me in her regarding her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. I also like that she is big on teamwork! I know we will be hearing more from her in the years to come which is exciting. I love how positive and uplifting this interview was.

Signed, all employees who seek growth and opportunities!

In closing:

I have no words. Do you?




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