Why Now, You Ask? Why Not Now?

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!


launch - Debbie NicholsonWithin the last several weeks, I have consulted with several printing companies to incorporate Wide-Format capabilities in their organizations.

Adding Wide-Format Printing capabilities might seem to be a bold move for some, but many companies see it as the right move – even overdue.   Customers are more willing to award printing companies that are capable of providing all of their printing needs.  They don’t want to take the time to contact multiple vendors when they can do business with a company that offers an extended range of products. 

Customer quotes regarding why they want to launch Wide-Format Printing now!:

  • “We have failed our customers by not adding WF capabilities.”
  • “R&D efforts have proven WF will be profitable and exciting for our customers and employees.”
  • “We are committed to securing our company’s future – WF will do that for us.”
  • “We needed a swift kick-in-the-pants (not kidding), and COVID-19 made us think differently.”
  • “We want to do this for our customers to be relevant now and in the future!”
  • “Our company has had some down-time to collaborate and initiate new capabilities – WF is it.”

We won’t Grow if we don’t Go!

Current Supply Challenge

I have received countless calls and emails from wide-format producers in need of acrylics and plastics for sneeze guards and barriers.  The supply chain for clear rigid substrates cannot keep up.  The demand is higher than any projections imagined – so our wide-format companies cannot supply customers with products.

The Solution is Nothing to Sneeze at!:

Nothing to Sneeze At - Debbie NicholsonOkay, a little humor is good for all of us – especially now.

I have discovered that UltraBoard™, a division of United Industries, designed and engineered a stand-in for the rigid plastics version of Sneeze Guards and Barriers called UltraBoard Barrier Micro. I was excited that we no longer need to turn away business.

This newly designed out-sourced option solves a massive problem for our customers and us!

Conclusion: (Ask yourself)

---  Do my customers know we produce Wide-Format Printing?

---  Have I trained my staff well enough to sell Wide-Format Printing?

---  Do we continually educate our customers on our Wide-Format Printing capabilities?  

Remember, be an Order Maker, not an Order Taker!



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