Unlock Value: Invite Customers Inside Your Printing World!

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK! 

lady in blueOur customers don’t understand what it takes to get their projects manufactured and out the door – they have no idea!”  We must be better at introducing customers to our end-to-end processes. 

Previously, I loved watching the reactions of customers and prospective customers visiting our printing company for the first time – they arrive expecting a bunch of ugly and old equipment and leave with big smiles, questions about our capabilities, and scribbled notes about the incredible and mind-blowing opportunities we could produce for them.  In other words – they were awestruck. 

Whether your business is small, medium, or large, customers need a physical place to get a true sense of who you are – they want and need to see the building blocks of a productive work environment. 

Yes, it is lovely to have lunch with your customers occasionally, but there is nothing like being invited to your facility; it provides a clear window into what it’s like doing business with your company. 

Let your company be your storyteller – part of the experience of visiting your printing company is the exercise of living your company’s history.  You can accomplish this by staging samples of the beautiful work you have accomplished over the years – making sure you have an information card with the display. 

Experience definitionIf you want customers to understand the end-to-end manufacturing process, I would suggest a working tour. You could re-produce a segment of a recently completed project for them to experience the end-to-end process. There is nothing like seeing their project walk through the stages of production to help them understand why sometimes it isn’t possible to hit an unreasonable deadline.  Again, they have no idea how long our processes take. 

Benefits of Inviting Customers to Tour Your Facility!  (a few) 

  • Tours establish a bond between you and your customers. 

  • The closer your clients feel to you, the more likely they will buy from you. 

  • They will see first-hand how much you care, and the attention goes into every operation step. 

  • Customers will get to meet managers, employees, and other staff members. 

  • Your company will no longer be seen as just another PSP. 

  • Employees will be excited to share their experiences and knowledge.  

  • Customers may not always remember a lunch, but they will never forget a tour. 

  • The tour educates customers on timelines and capabilities they didn’t know or understand before. 

  • You get the opportunity to introduce your newest equipment and offerings. 

Note:  The primary reasons for taking a tour are; to learn, assess, and teach

In Closing:  Open your doors and invite customers in to learn more about you and your company.  Every tour will awaken possibilities not revealed in a phone call, email, or text.   

Face-to-Face is still the best method of building long-lasting relationships. 

Invite customers to Experience your Experience!   



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