Managing Customers' Opinion of Your Expertise

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

Don't Apologize!

price vs valueWhy do we hesitate to press SEND when forwarding an estimate or quote to a customer? I’ll tell you why…because our customers make us feel like we are gouging them. They have no clue about the intricate process of getting their projects estimated, quoted, written up, produced, packaged, delivered, and invoiced. For instance, estimating involves a detailed analysis of the project's requirements, while quoting requires careful consideration of material and labor costs. Writing up the project involves creating a comprehensive plan, and production requires specialized equipment and skilled labor. Packaging and delivery ensure the project reaches the customer in perfect condition, and invoicing ensures we are compensated for our work. We navigate this complex web of tasks with precision and expertise.

Let's not downplay our expertise. We make it look easy because we're not just good; we're GREAT at what we do. We're deeply immersed in the print industry, understanding its nuances and trends, and surrounded by exceptional teams and leadership who are experts in their own right. We dedicate ourselves to this complex and demanding field daily, driven by our love for it. And we don't stop there--we invest significant resources in leveraging technology, equipment, software, and processes to ensure we deliver the quality and service our customers deserve.

valueSometimes, it is a healthy business decision to suggest customers explore other options (in a tactful manner). This could be when their project requirements are outside your area of expertise or when you cannot meet their timeline due to high demand. In my experience--gone astray, customers have been known to come back after missing the exceptional customer care and quality they previously experienced, underscoring the value of your role as a print service provider, which is then ranked with noticeably much higher marks.

So take a stand!  Charge Accordingly!  & Don’t Apologize



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