If You Think There's Time for Whining, Think Again!

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

Recently, a printing company CEO received some earth-shattering news—talk about changing your day. The bad news came out of nowhere. There was no warning, no hint—just business as usual.no whining

He was advised via phone that his second-largest customer had filed for bankruptcy (with a significant outstanding Accounts Receivable balance on his books).

His business had grown exponentially over the last 2-3 years, partly because of that customer. A little history: He began as a smaller supplier, and as time passed and confidences were won, he was asked to produce even larger projects. Effectively, the WIP report would contain 2-3 substantial weekly projects.

After several days of internal print therapy, he decided that his company didn’t have time for his crying, whining, or self-blame.  He removed himself from the corner, and he and his sales team started calling upon present and past clients, asking them if they had work coming his way.  He was even confident enough to share his story with them.  No ego…just let’s GO! attitude.

The Power of the Unit:

During the first week of his GO! campaign, he and his sales team secured sevenGo significant face-to-face customer appointments. Site surveys were completed, proofs were designed, and orders were approved. Live work is on his production floor. It just keeps getting better every day!

Rewriting the story:

Hearing this story gave me goosebumps; I felt the tingling up and down my arms.

What is the teaching moment here?  I believe it is --- Never give up and always be prepared!

We can become numb when we have put our heart and soul into our business for so long. But, when a massive setback comes our way, we stand tall and push forward because that is our only choice.

Fight for your business daily because the question is not if a setback will happen – it’s just when it will happen and whether you are prepared.

1, 2, 3, GO!



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