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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

printingI’m asking if customers know what you can do for them?  Well -- do they?

This true story should light a fire for you to promote your Wide-Format business!

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of jumping on a conference call with a long-term client and his “new retail customer.”  The need was to solve an application problem for posting retail mandated regulations on an inside retail entrance door easily changed out by store management.  Most importantly, the executed design must be pleasing, clean, and constructed to align with their corporate style guide.  The project was a success, and the business relationship grew.

In speaking with my client recently, he told me they designed and emailed a 56-page Wide-Format Printing Projects eBook to introduce their customers and prospects to the extensive array of Wide-Format projects completed over the last few years.  He admitted it was a huge undertaking – but worth it!

When customers started receiving the eBlast, the congratulatory comment that stood out was from their “new retail customer” – he was excited and impressed that they produced the projects highlighted in the eBook.  He had no idea their portfolio was so extensive, diverse, and relevant to the retail industry.  He was in awe of their capabilities!

Big WinAs a result of the forward-thinking approach and action in creating the Wide-Format Printing eBook –my customer was just awarded a re-imaging overhaul project for his new customer’s retail stores.  The project will take 1-2 years to complete.

When my client began the journey with his retail customer, they were categorized as a secondary Vendor.  Now, they are the “Preferred Vendor.”  It looks like the 56-page Wide-Format Printing Projects eBook proved to be an effective way to market their Wide-Format business.  What say you?

Teaching Moment!

Quit assuming customers know what you can do for them.  They see us in pieces and parts, not as a whole.

Create and design a memorable, meaningful, and informative aerial overview of your projects.  Customers love pictures, they relate to visuals, they remember what they see!  After all, we are in visual business!  Right?

Project Marketing content should impress the buyer by including; Project Identity, Project Goal, Project Outcome, Project Specifications, Project Overall Size.  It doesn’t hurt to include a special note that your company completed the install!

Most importantly, utilizing strategically framed high resolution photographed images (before, during & after) production and install – is essential in winning big projects!

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