Are you Passionate about Wide-Format? I Mean, Really Passionate?

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

I have realized that during COVID-19, our printing industry, as a whole, has so much to offer.  I am genuinely proud of the outpouring of help and assistance we have put forward during this unchartered health crisis. 

Passoniate tilesWhat does being Passionate look like?­­

Passion is what should ignite customers, owners, employees, vendors, and even suppliers.  It engages people to do things that they may not even know they can accomplish themselves.

I am a curious person, okay this is true.  I am passionate about learning new and innovative ways of completing any task.  I love uncovering new ideas, even things that no one else thinks about or would even tackle.

Yes, I am willing to be uncomfortable and ready to push myself into the unknown – the less predictable, if you will.  I use the things I have learned to fuel my passion.  Yes, I get scared and have self-doubt – but I also realize that if I don’t push myself, I will be less courageous.

I have also been told that I am a definition. I take that as a compliment!  I am all about superior quality for our industry; anything less is just unacceptable.  Customers depend on us to be the best at what we produce for them.  Are you committed to Quality Assurance?  You can be sure that your customers already know that answer.

Lastly, as a passionate person, I enjoy fellowship with others, with common interests, goals, and attitudes.  The collaboration helps me to challenge myself even more to become a valuable champion for the printing industry.

Can I ask you something?

Do others describe YOU as Passionate:  If no, why not?

Would people describe your employees as Passionate?  If no, why not?

Would you describe your customers as Passionate about your Printing Company?  If no, then why not?

Moving On:

Excellence is not an act noteThese are challenging times for the Printing Industry (as a whole).  The business has fallen short of expectations and probably will continue on that path for some time.

So, how do we change the landscape that is currently in front of us?

Many Wide-Format Printing companies have utilized their skills and expertise to reach beyond what they typically produce.  They are raising their hands and heightening their capabilities by designing and engineering products for the medical field “front-line” personnel.  These newly developed products extend to their current customers as well as new customers. 

This is exactly how you move forward – by being passionate!

How some Wide-Format Printing companies have heightened their capabilities (just a few):

  • Designed and engineered face shields for Healthcare and other corporations
    • Utilized their CNC routers to cut out pieces and parts
    • Hand assembly
    • Bulk Packaging
    • Bulk Shipping
  • Designed and engineered Safety Partitions & Barriers for these industries
    • Healthcare
    • Financial Institutions
    • Grocery Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Pharmacy
    • Gas Stations
    • Fast Food Restaurant Drive-Thru
    • Veterinary Clinics
  • Social Distancing Signage & Floor Graphics
  • Wayfinding Signage for new in-store routes
  • Informational Stanchion Signage
  • In-store Shelf Talkers
  • Ceiling Danglers and Banners
  • Entry Way Signage

In Closing:

I know we will have a new normal for the printing industry.  What that looks like now, is anyone’s guess.

Now is the time to look inward to make corrections and changes within our organizations, so when we can get back to our regular business, we have a definitive plan moving forward.

I hope you are completing Video Conference meetings with your Leadership staff to keep them apprised.  Using this time wisely to discuss current and future steps for success will help everyone to feel just a “smidge” better about our current situation.

Call your customers; let them know you care about them! 

Remember, be an Order Maker, not an Order Taker!



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