Selling Wide-Format Is Rewarding!

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK! 

happy customerSelling, especially in today’s market, should be focused on helping clients identify and address their needs to achieve their goals -- not ours.  High-quality business development strategies must include a nurturing element, or those efforts will never reach their full potential.

Remember, serving our clients to improve their business efficiency is essential. Defining the wide-format printing process will solve problems with thoughtful and strategic recommendations while offering our full suite of products and services.

We must be relentless in showing our clients how they can benefit from our products and services. In this way, sales is not an adjunct of their business but an essential conduit to their success.

From the inside!

I consider myself fortunate to experience an aerial view inside the world of Wide-Format Printing. Unfortunately, some companies depend on their legacy reputation to feed their business.  In contrast, others see the need for multi-channel marketing in conjunction with an experienced, trained, and defined wide-format sales team.

In my opinion – the company that spends the resources and has a defined, continual sales training culture will excel in customer retention and customer acquisition – without a doubt.

There is nothing easy about sales…the heartache, the let-downs, the continual pivoting and shifting, the massive emails and phone calls, not to mention the constant learning process. 

There is nothing better when you receive a call from a customer stating the project just completed was over-the-top!  And, the quality, accuracy, and customer care were far beyond what they had ever experienced before.  Those qualities will keep them coming back.

In Closing?

What is your Wide-Format Sales Training culture?  Do you onboard new sales individuals with a pre-written, cookie-cutter program?  How is that working for you?classroom

Do you train and educate on demand - taking into account the learning potential for that specific individual?  Everyone learns and comprehends differently – taking that into account during your training programs can make a difference between a successful or not successful outcome.

The first step in training an individual for sales in our industry – should be.

  •  Understanding the “value” of Wide-Format Printing

The most painful lessons yield the most impactful lesson!



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