You Want Me to Sell Wide-Format Printing?

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By Debbie Nicholson, Think-to-INK!

intimidationTheir Intimidation – is real!  Now, what are you going to do about it?

ADMITTED feelings from Sales staff who are migrating into Wide-Format sales (just a few)!

  • I don’t particularly appreciate selling anything I know little to nothing about
  • I am afraid of looking like a fool
  • My customers consider me an expert in Offset/Digital printing
  • My Customers will lose confidence in my total abilities
  • I am not knowledgeable of all materials utilized in Wide-Format Printing
  • I have no understanding of our Equipment Capabilities
  • I have No idea how long production will need on a wide-format project
  • I am not an engineer; I don’t know how to put things together
  • I ask too many questions, and production already thinks I am “stupid.”
  • I can’t have an intelligent conversation with my customer – I can’t solve problems
  • I want to be a consultative salesperson – not an order take!
  • I don’t want my customer to know more about Wide-Format Printing than I do!
    • I need help
    • I need continual training
    • I need a deeper understanding of the total process
    • I need to be educated and kept up to date on our full capabilities

Then, I can sell our Wide-Format Printing!

Here’s why we must start selling Wide-Format Printing (just a few)!

  • Customers continually ask if we offer Wide-Format printing
  • To become an even more valuable partner to our “current” customers
  • To compete and stay in line with our competitor’s offerings (this is a necessity)
  • Opens doors to new customers
  • Wide-Format Printing will enhance our Company stability with growth and profits
  • Confirms we are staying true to our mission of Continual Improvement
  • Positive changes and new product offerings help ALL employees feel more secure in their jobs
  • Wide-Format is impactful to a higher profit margin
  • Helps us to be more valuable to our vendors – buying additional raw goods, better discounts
  • Allows us an opportunity with “new customers” to introduce our other capabilities
  • Because – our current business model needs to evolve and stay current

sales trainingIdeas for Extensive & Defined Sales Training (just a few)!

  • Understanding the “value” of Wide-Format Printing
  • Deep-dive into the proper applications (what works – what doesn’t work)
  • Defining and introducing Substrates (Flexible and Rigid) options
  • The layering of products to supply customers with dimensional graphics (adding value & profit)
  • Listening to customer(s) needs and wants; ability to “understand” and communicate effectively
  • Design thinking and production manipulation to save money and add customer value
  • How to sell Wide-Format – the “Story,” --  not just the product
  • Who is our Target Market – understanding who needs us and why!
  • Teach Vertical Marketing Research – aligning sales for success while gaining manufacturing repetition
  • Diversity in completing and manufacturing all facets of a project
  • Estimating projects – correctly!  Knowing and understanding the numbers for profitability
  • Become knowledgeable of lean manufacturing for customer’s awareness of savings
  • Understand and create Discovery Questions for Sales – defining requirements to estimate projects
  • One-on-One Sales training – continually!

In Closing:

Wide-Format Printing is a continual learning process.  I believe, if you train your sales staff correctly and effectively, they will surprise you with the additional profitable sales they bring into your Company.

Teach your Sales staff to be Order Makers, not Order Takers!



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