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If your company is again exhibiting at tradeshows, this discussion on presentation upgrades via phygital techniques should be of excellent value.

Tradeshows are back! And exhibitors are eager to present their newest technologies to the largest possible audiences to stimulate sales-producing discussions. But will old-style, pre-pandemic presentations meet the contemporary audience’s expectations?

During the pandemic shutdowns, online and in-person entertainment venues introduced people to new, more immersive productions. And now those people expect more than just “back-to-normal” tradeshow experiences. As a result, many exhibitors are trying to modernize their pre-pandemic product demonstrations and presentations to meet those expectations.  

Phygital enhances the information experience by seamlessly blending physical and digital elements.

Old-Style Presentations

Print technologies have evolved over the past few years, but many vendor presentations have not.

Many of the presentations we attend follow this formula:

  1. The presenter introduces the press and its unique characteristics
  2. The presenter then points to and speaks about each press component.
  3. The point-and-speak is repeated until all the features are covered.
  4. weathermanDuring the closing Q&A, print samples are passed around.

Phygital Modernization

Major brands and entertainment venues have already proven phygital’s effectiveness. Here are a few examples.

  • Phygital transformed bland point-and-speak weather forecasts of bygone days into highly immersive experiences like this hurricane forecast.
  • IKEA Place lets at-home shoppers see how Ikea furniture looks and fits in their homes.
  • And Warby Parker’s Virtual Try-On enables you to try 100s of eyeglasses on your face from home.
  • Indoor golf centers, like TopGolf, combine physical balls and clubs with digital simulations of the world’s great courses.

Read more about phygital’s seamless integration of physical objects with digital experiences.

Phygital is a tried-and-true customer experience enhancement tool. So, let’s now discuss how phygital can enhance your presentations to provide crowd-generating, revenue-building experiences.

A phygital presentation’s WOW factor increases information retention and competitive differentiation.

Steps to Success

A phygital presentation or demonstration requires a producer and creative team to choreograph the following components:

  1. A product storyline capable of introducing and reinforcing the value of your printing press.
  2. Your company’s technology branding.
  3. Digital elements (simulations, videos, AR, and graphics) to support the storyline and company brand.
  4. Lighting and sound setup.
  5. Vision mixing software setup and programming.
  6. Presentation scripting and rehearsal.

A professional production results in a stunning, live-presenter, tech-driven phygital presentation to engage your audiences with an information-rich experience. In addition, the phygital experience will induce audience members to be your brand ambassadors as they recall your product’s features, functions, and benefits to their business associates.

Our ExhiVISION team is the print industry’s premier producer of phygital presentations.

ExhiVISION Show  

At past drupas, our ExhiVISION team produced high-impact presentations for some of the tradeshow’s most prominent exhibitors.

During the pandemic, the ExhiVISION team produced live, phygital product demonstrations for online and hybrid audiences. Now that tradeshows are back, our team is ready to upgrade your product presentations to an ExhiVISION Show phygital format.

ExhiVISION Show cuts through the tradeshow noise to increase booth traffic with memorable, informative brand-building phygital experiences.

Reimagine your trade show product presentations with the ExhiVISION Team.
Produce highly informative, interactive, and immersive phygital presentations with Exhibition Show.

How much can a phygital upgrade enhance your tradeshow ROI? Schedule a Discussion >>>  

Thank you for reading. Your thoughts on this topic are appreciated.

Supporting print tech for the digital age,
Andy & Julie Plata
Co-CEOs, The OutputLinks Communications Group



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