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Reviewing OutputLinks Communications Group Services
By Andy & Julie Plata 

In a previous article, we noted that outside expertise can equip companies with new strategies for enhancing efficiency, market share, personnel, acquisitions, and profits. Although nobody knows a business as well as its owners and senior managers, a trusted advisor offers a broader business knowledge and an outside observer’s objective perspective. This article shares new services focused on helping build a better business faster.

New C-Level Assistance Services

With our firm’s marketing and publishing services, we often provided clients access to high-level technical and business experts for assistance with specific projects.  Over the past few months, the need for outside expertise has been increasing. In response, we recently launched two new divisions: C-Level Assistance and Software Assistance. Both divisions provide vetted access to an array of senior-level executives and technologists who are well-known in the print and CCM industries. Review the Advisor Listing here >>>

Real-world business experts can help accelerate a company’s relevance in the digital age.

The two consulting divisions have a twofold mission:

  1. Deliver ROI-positive solutions to organizations ranging from global enterprises to privately held companies;
  2. Deploy highly regarded expertise to help solve business and technology challenges.

This article focuses on our C-Level Assistance services. To read about our Software Assistance division for computer, output, print, and internet (COPI) technologies, Click here >>>

C-Level Assistance

Brain - Andy and Julie PlataTo ensure the best in advisory services, we assembled an exceptional pool of C-Level professionals who founded, managed, expanded, bought, and sold leading print and CCM companies. We provide access to professionals who owned or managed the companies that supply the print, mail, and CCM industries. We trust our pool of well-known executives provides a comfortable pathway for those who may have been hesitant in seeking outside assistance for important C-Level projects.

  1. Diagnose: The initial phase is a meeting with the client’s designated team members, clients, and suppliers to diagnose the organization’s unique needs and environment.
  2. Strategize: Once those critical diagnosis steps are completed, the second phase focuses on developing and vetting solution options.
  3. Evaluate: Phase three is a meeting with the client’s designated team members to discuss and select among the recommended solutions.
  4. Implement: The client then has two options:
    1. Use their team members to implement the recommended solutions. For this option, the advisor helps define the needed talent, implementation strategy, and success milestones. The advisor also attends scheduled reviews to monitor progress toward full implementation.
    2. Use our team to implement the recommended solutions. For this option, the advisor manages the implementation and provides milestone reporting from project initiation to implementation completion.

Delightful User Experience (UX)

For over three decades, we have successfully served business and governmental organizations worldwide. We credit our long-term success on a commitment to providing Delightful User Experiences. Simply satisfying clients is not enough to sustain business relationships. Our clients deserve to be delighted with the solutions and services they receive. And that has been and continues to be a firm commitment.

A Delightful User Experience is when a client acknowledges a remarkable service that surpassed expectations. 

Consistent Client Delight requires a process-driven approach to delivering strategic expertise. There is no substitute for genuine “know-how” honed through a progressive track record of meeting real-world challenges.

The Differentiator

Why should I consider contracting Advisory Assistance from The OutputLinks Group versus other well-known services? The answer relates to our firm’s business structure and decades of global experience.


Business Structure

As an entrepreneurial micro-firm, the OutputLinks Communications Group provides the agile creativity needed in today’s business environment. Our C-Level Advisory operates with independent business professionals rather than employees. Therefore, we do not need to force-fit “on the payroll” employees into client projects. Instead, we match the best, fully vetted, real-world business professionals to each client project. We leverage our decades of top-level business relationships to provide the best talent for each of your projects.

Decades of Global Experience

For many decades, our company has served organizations ranging from the world’s largest enterprises to owner-operated companies. With projects ranging from governmental issues to global M&A to enterprise IT infrastructure to print, mail, and CCM projects, we have provided the best in talent and services. 

The bottom line: We provide a differentiated resource for those seeking the best combination of entrepreneurial creativity and enterprise-proven business processes.

An independent advisor provides experience from observing operations in many different and diverse organizations. The advisor may offer new, creative solutions to old dilemmas or even identify problems not yet recognized.

Business Meeting

The Consultant Option

Over our time in business, we found consulting resources generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. One or two-person firms providing specific business or technical assistance;
  2. Larger, privately held firms, with a broader roster of skills and expertise;
  3. Large enterprise-level firms (Gartner, McKinsey…) with highly skilled senior staff who often delegate execution to junior-level employees.

Although the above resources can often meet a business's needs, many seek an alternative.

Our Alternative

We have found that the best advisors are those who have encountered and managed the same types of business challenges you and your company may be facing. Therefore, we chose to differentiate our services by providing access to well-known, proven business leaders with expertise for success in print-related companies.

With decades in print and customer communications management (CCM) we had the opportunity to develop close business relationships with many of the industry’s most successful leaders. In setting up the C-Level Advisory division, we asked the best of the best to be available to leverage their hard-earned, real-world wisdom, experience, and skills to service our clients’ strategic initiatives.

Our system leverages hard-earned, real-world wisdom, experience, and skills to advise and guide you and your team to needed solutions.

A valuable advisor is one who brings different thought processes to the table. Recently, one of our large enterprise clients praised our team, saying, “We would never have approached the problem that way.” Of course, that Delight statement was music to our ears.

C-Level Assistance for board positions, technology and M&A negotiations, executive mentorship, business pivoting strategies, dispute resolution ….

Want to Talk?

We are happy to discuss if and how our Advisory Team might be of service to your immediate or future needs. To schedule a no-obligation call with us, touch button below:

In Closing

We trust this introduction to our new Strategic Advising division provides new options to help you reposition, secure, expand, and enhance your businesses to flourish in these “new normal” times.

Changing and challenging times can be leveraged for exciting new opportunities. Therefore, we hope each of our articles stimulates ideas for profit-producing initiatives.



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