How Apple’s 3 Simple Rules Can Make YOUR Events Better Than Competitors

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By Andy & Julie Plata 

Apple presentations are the best because they are better at storytelling. Their stories are about how their presented product matters to prospective buyers by making life better in a way that others don't.

In his recent Inc. Magazine article, Jason Anten discusses the three basic rules Apple applies to ensure their product presentations out-shine competitors and consistently drive new orders.

Apple tops $100 billion in revenue for the first time as iPhone, iPad sales surge

It may seem farfetched to think that your company could do what Apple does. However, our goal in this article is to discuss how something like an ExhiVision Production can help your company achieve Apple’s presentation success.

Whether your company sells printing presses or printing services, to an audience of one or hundreds, located onsite, offsite, or hybrid, you can use Apple’s strategy with an ExhiVision Production. Let’s see how.

Apple's Events Are So Much Better Than the Competition Because They Follow 3 Simple Rules
The good news is, anyone, can do the same.

In his article, Anten highlights three Apple-proven principles that separate Apple presentations from competitors:

1. Tell a Story

StoryTellingAn Apple presentation is a story focused on how the featured product will benefit the buyer prospect. The story demonstrates how the Apple product will matter to the prospect and how it will make their life better in a way that competitors cannot achieve.

Every prospect has that same “how will this product benefit me” interest. Therefore, that question should be answered multiple times in each presentation.

To help you achieve Principle #1, an ExhiVision Production is crafted by master business storytellers with 10+ years of drupa presentation experience. Their sales-focused storytelling skills ensure that your product story answers and illustrates the ‘what’s in it for me” question.

2. Keep it Moving

Apple knows that a fast pace is required to maintain audience attention and information absorption. For example, in their April 2021 new product presentation, Apple introduced and discussed the benefits of seven products all in less than an hour.

To help you achieve Principle #2, an ExhiVision Production includes multi-sensory information elements to expand beyond the spoken, single presenter information delivery. By seamlessly integrating graphics, text, video, AR, and offsite presenters, an ExhiVision Production maintains audience mindshare and expands retention of the product’s critical benefits.


3. You Only Need the Assets You Already Have

Even though Apple has the money to use whatever it wants, their presentations use their employees. Hearing the product story from the Apple engineer who developed it is what wins the minds and pocketbooks of prospects.

To help you achieve Principle #3, an ExhiVision Production elegantly incorporates your team members, digital assets, and your facility into each presentation. Using sophisticated broadcast techniques, an ExhiVision Production can add experts from your company or your supplier’s company, wherever they may be located, to the presentation.


Whether your company is a printer OEM or a commercial printer, an  ExhiVision Production can help.

Unforgettable, Interactive ExperienceA Printer OEM

If you are a printer OEM demonstrating your newest press to prospects online, onsite, or both. Imagine how effective it would be to be able to bring the engineer in Germany or Japan who developed your inkjet system into the presentation, on-demand.

Instead of just standing in front of and pointing to various components of your printer, imagine how much more effective the information delivery could be if you were able to on-demand, pull up graphical, text, video, or AR informational elements to further illustrate the benefit of different printer components.

And imagine being able to have some of your buying prospects in the same room with you, while simultaneously allowing their decision-influencing associates back at the office to equally participate and interact with you. The benefit is sales acceleration.

A Commercial Printer

If you are a commercial printer looking for a way to stand above your competitors when demonstrating your new press’ capability to prospects. An ExhiVision Production can help by adding informational elements to your presentation focusing on the specific benefits the prospect would receive because of your new press.

And imagine the effect of having one of the press manufacturer’s senior staff, who may in another city or country, speak to and interact with your prospects about your company’s technology leadership.

An ExhiVision Production also lets your prospects fully participate in the presentation regardless of geographical location. The benefit, the ability to expand your clients across the country or beyond without a distributed sales force.

In closing

Our goal was to discuss how an ExhiVision Production can help your company achieve Apple’s presentation success. We trust we have stimulated ideas for enhancing your sales presentations. If we have also stimulated interest in how our ExhiVision Production can help you achieve your sales objectives, just schedule a call below.

Thanks for Reading.

Promoting print tech for the digital age,
Andy Julie Plata
Co-CEOs, American Printer, and the OutputLinks Communications Group

Stay tuned for our continuing Commentary on the changing print-tec industry environment and its effect on clients, employees, dealers, partners, and stockholders in the global print industry.



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