Don’t Let ‘Process Paralysis’ Negate Print Profits

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Andy and Julie PlataAn American Printer Commentary
Andy & Julie Plata


Print companies are profit focused entities. One path to profits is the mission statement focusing on a commitment to benefitting clients, team members, and partners. 

In like manner, companies publish their business processes to ensure profits via adherence to the mission statement, corporate policies, and best practices. The problem is that over time untamed business processes can expand – sometimes exponentially – as additional rules, regulations, forms and approving parties are added.

Many senior-aged people develop a hardening of the arteries where deposits of cholesterol block the heart’s mission. This can lead to a stroke and paralysis. When that happens, a person quality of life is negatively affected and can even lead to death.

In like manner, deposits of process steps can over time lead great companies to a condition known as ‘Process Paralysis.’ This condition prevents the organization from meeting its mission statement and promises to clients, team members, and partners. When that happens revenue and profits are negatively affected and can even lead to death.

Therefore, always be on the lookout for the problem signs.

Signs Process Paralysis

If your company:

  • Takes longer to onboard a new client or partner than it does to close the sale?
       Here's your sign
  • Has more forms for a new client or partner to submit than the IRS? 
       Here's your sign
  • Lacks CRM software to select and prefill the information required of a new client or partner?
       Here's your sign

The Result

Two keys to profitable success are making it fast and easy:

  • For prospective clients and partners to do business with your firm;
  • For team members to follow the firm’s business processes to provide positive client experiences.

Scanning for Hardening of the Processes Arteries

DecisionsMature adults are told to periodically have a scan of the heart to check proactively for early signs of hardening of the arteries.

In like manner, mature profit-focused companies should conduct scans of their business procedures to check for signs of Process Paralysis.

An excellent way to conduct a process scan is for a senior company executive to experience the steps and documents to become a new client, submitting the first order and receiving the order deliverable. Then undergo the stages of becoming a new partner or supplier.

The experience can lead to a reduction of ‘plaque’ that may have attached to your firm’s business processes.

In Closing

We trust our little story helps your company keep profits high by meeting its mission statement promises to clients. Partners and team members.

Thank you for reading. We love feedback so feel free to use the comments section below or leave a comment on our LinkedIn page.                                        

Promoting print tech for the digital age,
Andy & Julie Plata
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