Segment #2: Printers and Cybersecurity: Why and How

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Cyber Health Discussion Series

This series discusses cybersecurity issues of interest to c-level executives at print-based enterprises. Printers lacking cyber protections are risking financial losses for their and their clients' businesses. In addition, with business insurance renewals now asking about the company's cyber protocols, it is time to make cybersecurity a top priority.

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By Andy & Julie Plata 

Segment #2 Regarding the steps to protect yourself, your customers, and your suppliers.

A Cyber Framework

The next step in moving towards cybersecurity is to adopt an implementation framework using a vetted process like the NIST 800-53 Rev5.

If you missed the previous steps, click to read Segment #1

The U.S. government developed NIST 800-53 Rev5 to provide federal organizations with the policies, procedures, and guidelines to secure their information systems. The 800-53 Rev5 framework will help your organization adopt and adapt to a security culture.

But be aware that effective implementation requires that everyone – including owners, senior management, staff, contractors, and part-timers - understand and agree to follow the new security processes. A hacker only needs to find one unsecured area for access. So, failure to gain organization-wide buy-in can allow an eventual breach.

Free Download

The NIST 800-53 Rev5 framework is available for free download here >>>

Implementation Options

Like many government documents, NIST 800-53 Rev5  is complex and confusing for those unfamiliar with cyber issues. Therefore, it is essential to arrange training for internal staff or contract a certified cyber organization to assist your team or manage the entire process.

Segment#1 of this series discussed potential problems for those planning to use staff members for the full implementation. It is essential to recognize that your employees will be focusing on the cyber project for an extended period with minimal time for other print business activities.

If using staff to perform the project, free training materials are available National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studiesfrom the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) if your print company is a U.S. government supplier/contractor. However, if you fail to meet the NICCS criteria, fee-based training and certifications from local universities are an option. Businesses are also offering cyber services but be cautious and only consider fully certified providers for your cyber security needs.

President urges immediate hardening of U.S. cyber defenses due to potential Russian strike

For companies planning a collaborative or outsourced program, your selected provider should provide all the required training. It is strongly advised to consider  an alternative if training is not part of your contractor’s services.

The Next Segment: Breach Processes

Experience shows that regardless of an organization's type, size, or revenue, a breach can still infect its fully secure I.T. systems. Therefore, the next series segment focuses on NIST 800-53 Rev5's business continuity section for processes in dealing with security breaches. 


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In closing

Thanks for reading this cyber series for owners and senior management of print companies. If this segment stimulated ideas for your cyber initiatives, drop us a note using the Comments tab below.

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Promoting print tech for the digital age, 
Andy & Julie Plata 
Co-CEOs, American Printer, and the OutputLinks Communications Group

Stay tuned for our continuing Commentary on the changing print-tec industry environment and its effect on clients, employees, dealers, partners, and stockholders in the global print industry.

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