Should Chemicals Limited by the Covid-19 Virus Be Used for Printing or Production of Disinfectants?

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Reading the Intergraf article titled ‘Impact of COVID-19 on the European Printing Industry’, I gained some additional insight into the ripple effect of the printing industry on the world and how other industries ’ needs for supplies are linked.

The immediate hit to the printing industry is the cancelation of all the print (signage, posters, brochures, etc.) for the exhibitions that have been canceled or postponed. A similar loss of print business is because of the theatres, restaurants, and museums have shut down. If no one is at the office, the multifunctional devices sit idle. But what additional challenges need to be overcome soon.

The Intergraf article shares the dual purpose of different chemicals.  Two, for example, are Isopropanol (IPA) and Ethyl alcohol, which are used in print manufacturing as well as in sanitizers and disinfectants where are in high demand.

Packaging needs the same chemicals to produce their food containers. The world needs those printed packages/containers for its food distribution, so the print industry needs to obtain their share.

With shortages come increases in pricing, so sharing is not the only hurdle to overcome.

Thanks to Intergraf for sharing their insights. Read the Intergraf article here.




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