The Business of Print: American Printer’s 2022 Focus

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Andy and Julie Plata
An American Printer Announcement
By Andy & Julie Plata 
American Printer, and the OutputLinks Communications Group 

The technology of print is essential but most important is the business of print. If the business fails to thrive, the technology is of no value.

business newspaperSo, over the coming year, we endeavor for American Printer to be more like an Inc or Forbes publication. Our focus will be on the business rather than the technology of print.

Our eNews team will be highlighting topics related to a business' 5-Criticals:

  • Make & Save money
  • Gain, Retain & Grow clients

Let us know if you have any additions to those 5-Criticals.

Business articles will be the first topics in each American Printer issue. People and technology-based news are paced after the business growth topics.

We hope that our print-centric business information focus provides information to help you build a bigger and better business in 2022.

Your feedback and topic suggestions will be valuable in determining how American Printer can best serve your business growth objectives.

Highlighting the 5-Criticals,
Andy & Julie Plata



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