Impediments to A Successful Digital Transformation

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Andy and Julie PlataAn American Printer Discussion 
By Andy & Julie Plata 
American Printer, and the OutputLinks Communications Group 


Many print professionals have cited transformations, especially digital transformations, as a strategic goal. But in today’s pandemic-driven business environment, those transformation objectives have become immediate requirements.

Road ClosedMaybe you have initiated a digital transformation in the past with less than successful results. In that case, you are not alone since most digital transformation projects tend to fail.

This discussion aims to stimulate ideas and strategies to help you navigate your next digital transformation initiative to success.

In speaking with owners and managers of print organizations, we find that transformation projects are often initiated without fully scoping the financial and personnel assets required for a successful implementation. Often overlooked is the importance of gaining employee commitment to the project’s success.

Let’s use home remodeling as an example. For the remodel to succeed, it must be thoroughly discussed and planned with the benefits fully explained to all stakeholders. Those stakeholders will include those living in the home, financial partners, material suppliers, and contractors performing all or parts of the remodeling.

In like manner, your transformation project needs to be fully vetted with all company stakeholders. Since change is often perceived as a painful exercise, gaining buy-in from employees is essential. We suggest treating the process of gaining employee buy-in like a strategic sales campaign. Present the plan, respond to objections, show the benefits, call for commitment, and nurture the reluctant.

Luis Monzon of Pan American Communications shares some additional insights in his article “5 Reasons Why 70% of Digital Transformation Journeys Fail.

We hope our discussion has stimulated new ideas for your next coming transformation project. Also, let us know if you have different ideas or experiences with transformation projects.

Empowering the print message for the digital age, 
Andy & Julie Plata 
Co-CEOs, American Printer, and the OutputLinks Communications Group 




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