Looking Deeper Into News Reports…And Their Sources

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By Sid Chadwick

“…Having worked as a Newspaper Reporter for 9 years, I’ve seen a deterioration in news reporting integrity I never thought I’d see….it’s deeply discouraging…”…. …Howard Owen, President, Stafford Printing


If your source of news is primarily one source, you’re probably only receiving half the story…..to a frequency that appears intentional.

A few Examples:

A reliable V.P. of Operations in the last week told me that their publication printing company was recently told by their primary Paper Mill source that they’d receive all the paper and grades they’d ordered - for this coming January (for the first time this year.)… Interestingly, other Mills offered that company more than what they ordered for January.

Any chance there’s a connection with investment bankers bidding up RR Donnelly to levels that all but guarantee increased pricing for publication buyers…creating downstream push-back?  (Mills don’t want to enter February….with unsold production.)

cargo shipThen there’s The Wall Street Journal story of December 11th, citing details that the number of cargo ships off California has increased in recent months - not decreased. They’ve just been moved Westward – over the horizon, so the count waiting to unload appears smaller. That doesn’t match numerous news reports, seemingly of a different narrative objective.

At this moment, it appears past time to ask, “Who’s paying for excess storage, trucking, and inventory – after the Holidays?”

This unfolding dangerous economic scene is not being told by the Fed, our Washington Administration, or our associations – providing guidance and proper warnings to their Members.

We’ve discussed this unfolding scene in our Peer Groups. Participants seemed grateful for the discussions.


These are treacherous times.

It’s nearly impossible to make proper decisions if you are denied proper, timely information.

History shows we are fully capable of dealing with adversity in this great country…. and this great industry. It’s in our DNA. But we must receive accurate and timely information.

May I strongly recommend multiple news sources, and certainly not just those that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

You deserve to be informed.

“…While political considerations rightly guide strategic decisions, political decisions are unsustainable when they deny military (and economic) reality…”…………..General Jim Mattis, Call Sign Chaos, p. 206-207.



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