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By Sid Chadwick

Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”………….Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


Recently, we were a critical part of a long-term client’s successful efforts to persuade his professionally successful son, and a close business associate friend of his son (with no commercial print experience) – to leave their high-powered sales jobs, and join our client’s commercial print company, long-term.

valueSuccession Plan – now in place.

Our client’s company is immediately more valuable - to employees, to customers, to suppliers, and now – to the company’s founder.

Those two young, high-powered sales executives did their homework on numerous issues, including, but not limited to:

  1. Our great industry’s expected future growth segments…
  2. Expected shrinking segments…
  3. Future employees’ needed skills…
  4. Suppliers worth their time…
  5. Technologies and certifications (e.g., SOC-II, and malware) that are expected to be critical…
  6. The value of customers’ Trade Shows…
  7. What KPIs (Key Performance Issues) do our industry’s associations prefer to ignore (or don’t understand), but which provide a clearer direction and much improved long-term performance…

targetsThose two new part-owners, announced October 20th, insist that their early months include their developing current customers and targeted major accounts….!

For example, they’ve read several redacted major Customer Survey Reports – from our archives – from the last three years. They don’t want to overlook these opportunities to gain at least 7-figures of additional business from current customers while personally gaining priceless experience and customer introductions.


In a private strategy discussion, these plans were set in motion about a year ago, offering significantly better results.

Our client did not like the value M & A specialists were obtaining for sellers, especially since the buyer's names - kept reappearing.

U. of Houston has a Spring 2023 Digifest, where they invite employers to meet graduating students, who display and discuss their work in many categories, including eMedia, e-Commerce, gaming and simulation, packaging, motion media, digital photography, graphic design, web, user experience, augmented and virtual reality.

We have multiple clients who do not miss this rare Interviewing and Hiring opportunity.

How important is top-trained talent to your company’s future and value….?

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always  gotten”……………….Anonymous



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