Where is there better business………….. in an economic downturn…?

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By Sid Chadwick

“For reasons I can’t explain…. this group of non-profit executives…seem so much smarter than I remember them…..just a few years back…and….they’re clearly more aggressive……”….Digital & Advertising Specialty Supplier CEO


The address is: afpnet.org

There are well over 250 Chapters…just in the U.S. ….’possibly two Chapters….within 30-50 miles of your plant. 

(Tap the green “Chapter” box --- in the upper right corner of their home page…..Scroll down to your state….and then scroll to the Chapter(s) --- nearest your plant…..At that contact address, you can obtain their meeting schedule --- and location.)

Your closest “afpnet.org” chapter --- meets once a month for lunch or dinner. Attendance averages between 50 and 100+  non-profit executive directors, for a Monthly Educational Program --- worth your time.

(There will be “seven --- sitting at your table” --- be sure to bring and exchange business cards. You’ll want their contact information….. If you join ---  usually less than $100 --- they’ll provide you with the entire membership list.)

There are also over 50 recently published articles --- on the ”afpnet.org” home web page, which you and your Inside Sales Team…. want to start reading.

Our clients, especially those who have Inside Sales Teams… are using one those articles, or a relevant article on Fundraising -- from “Print-In-The-Mix”.  5 – 10 personalized copies of one of those articles --- each day --- can go to that list. Over the course of a month, every AFP member executive can receive one article, from you --- and your Inside Sales Team, or Sales Executive. (I recommend your selecting the article that is most interesting to you, read it, and archive it --- for future reference.)

My observation: our clients attending these monthly meetings…. are receiving at least two invitations to visit members --- by the third meeting, and thereafter. (If you’re socially skilled, those invitations occur….at the first luncheon or dinner.)

What was the ticket cost for an invitation:  Your sending --- “Useful Information” --- and the beginning development ….of a working relationship.

And when you make that first project --- a “Winner” --- you’ve started a “buzz” --- in a target market.


Most non-profits ….are part of a significant, multi-level network…..They collaborate….and…. like to see their fellow non-profit executives…also do well.

My consistent observation is that when a commercial print organization elevates the success of a non-profit through fundraising results, that expertise and information….is impossible to keep quiet……..!

I have to ask, “Do you have any other opportunities….to meet and follow-up….monthly…..with 50 or more executives…who average….multiple six-figure annual print budgets?”

56% of donors see print as the most ‘trustworthy’ channel….and it remains the preferred route of contact amongst the majority of high donor and young donor demographics, alongside women.”……..Source: Institute of Fundraising: Fundraising Media DNA



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