Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Dr. Jacob Aizikowitz

Dr Jacob Aizikowitz

The Dr. Keith Davidson Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals whose efforts and contributions have significantly changed the course and development of the digital document industry.

Also honored for Lifetime Achievement in 2022 were Mark Ferrara, Buck Crowley, and Scott Draeger.

Xplor renamed the award to honor Dr. Keith Davidson, its original Executive Director who passed away this year.

Dr. Jacob Aizikowitz, known worldwide as the founder of XMPie, was recently honored with Xplor International’s Dr. Keith Davidson Lifetime Achievement Award. Jacob Aizikowitz’s work enabling and promoting data-driven and highly creative, colorful individualized communications helped accelerate digital print’s expansion to higher value applications. As a result of Jacob’s contributions, thousands of printers and related service providers worldwide have expanded their business offerings.

Dr. Aizikowitz founded XMPie in 2000. In 2006 Xerox acquired XMPie and retained Jacob as its president, continuing to lead it as a business within Xerox. After Aizikowitz’s 2019 retirement, XMPie became a CareAR, a newly formed Xerox company.

Today Dr. Aizikowitz serves as a C-Level Advisory consultant and a Graphic Communications Education Association (ACCGC)  Board Member.

When asked for a comment on his award, Dr. Aizikowitz shared, “Xplor’s recognition of my contributions to the print and business communications industry is genuinely moving and humbling. The massive digital transformation in every business sector drives Xplor and the industry it serves to adjust, transform, and blend print with digital communications. It also helps integrate business and marketing communications, which makes the work my teams and I did highly relevant to Xplor’s future. I humbly accept this award on behalf of the great people who have influenced and helped me over the years.”

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