Jet Mail Celebrates 25 Years of Success

Located in Hudson Massachusetts, Jet Mail is celebrating 25 years of success as a premier provider of print and marketing based services. In that quarter-century, Jet Mail has built on their original lettershop foundation to blossom into a leading provider of data-driven print, mail, and branded marketing material to a wide array of long-term clients.

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The OutputLinks Communications Group had the pleasure of talking with Jet Mail’s President and CEO Ed Kohler, COO/CFO John Kohler, and Director of Print Operations Vincent Piazza. They shared the rich history of the company and the approach to excellence that has taken Jet Mail from its lettershop origins to a full-service, fully digital print operation featuring the Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1 UV Inkjet Press.

Client Retention Success

KM Ed KohlerJet Mail’s success over the years is a direct result of their focus on client satisfaction by tailoring premier services specific to each customer. They accomplish this by working to understand each client’s specific needs and objectives to match Jet Mail’s full range of human and technology resources to each project’s requirements. The result is a long-term client base operating in close partnership with Jet Mail, which equals SUCCESS.

An excellent example of Jet Mail’s client satisfaction focus is their Marketing Resource Center. This on-demand tool provides each client online access to their assigned graphic communication resources to streamline everything from order management to resource replenishment to fulfillment and finished product delivery.

The Marketing Resource Center is one example of the company’s array of initiatives for enhancing the customer experience – and the results via long-term clients prove that the system works very well.

Data Trust

In today’s business environment, customer satisfaction requires a high degree of expertise in managing customer data. Jet Mail’s reputation for excellence in data management results from consistent investments of time, talent and financial resources in maintaining the highest level of security, accuracy, access, and integrity. Regular audits and reviews ensure they are exceeding industry standards for data management and security.

The Jet Mail team points to their long-established expertise in all things data as a value that separates them from their competitors.

Mailing Expertise

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Jet Mail is a leader in understanding and utilizing data to maximize the value of mail. They are experts on postal regulations and processes. Jet Mail uses that expertise to eliminate unnecessary cost and time, yielding maximum postal savings and optimal delivery speed of their client's critical communications. The United States Postal Service is onsite at Jet Mail, providing fast, effective and efficient induction into the mailstream. 

They can produce – from data to print to insertion to postal induction – more than one million pieces a day all in the same location.

 “We are well-rounded and knowledgeable in all things postal,” Ed shares. “We have seen consistent growth in our mail volumes because of the services we offer our customers.”

Scale and Scalability

Being a premiere on-demand business also requires the ability to quickly staff up to meet short turnaround, high volume jobs. Jet Mail’s proximity to Boston gives them access to a skilled workforce that they can quickly integrate with their highly qualified full-time staff. Tightly honed workflows and processes allow the absorption of volume easily and cleanly, keeping quality high as the production volume flexes.

Offset Blended with Digital Print Technology

Jet Mail built their business by understanding how to turn data into impactful communications and distributing those communications efficiently and effectively. They had always valued the quality look and feel of offset press output and utilized a combination of in-house and partner resources to produce beautiful, impactful printed products for their clients.

The offset only environment changed when Jet Mail’s customer-first journey led them to understand their clients’ needs for on-demand, data-driven, variable output. Through acquisitions and investments, Jet Mail built a blend of traditional offset presses and toner-based digital printers to serve their customers’ unique and time-sensitive projects.

Large volumes of exceptional quality output create a high demand production environment. John Kohler says, “We probably turn our equipment over quicker than most printers. I’m sure we hold a few records for most volume on some of our printers.”

Jet Mail’s aggressive utilization model means the team is continuously evaluating new print technology and lately that included the latest advancements in digital inkjet technology. Once the team became aware of the expanded opportunities digital inkjet could bring to their customers, the hunt began for the very best supplier.

Investigating Production Inkjet

With multiple Konica Minolta devices successfully serving Jet Mail’s production needs for many years, the two companies have a long-term relationship. A proven track record provided an excellent reference point for Konica Minolta's reliability as a prospective inkjet supplier. However, the requirement on Konica Minolta to prove its solution superiority was quite stringent as it turned out.

Vinny PiazzaVincent Piazza, Director of Print Operations, explains ”My background and experience before joining Jet Mail had me working with a different print vendor. My experience with Konica Minolta, however, was limited, so I took a very rigorous approach to evaluating the AccurioJet KM-1. I needed to be completely confident that it would meet our needs. We designed a series of tests that we asked the vendors to perform. I was skeptical at first, but my confidence grew as the AccurioJet team met and exceeded my expectations.”



KM UV InkThe AccurioJet KM-1 Inkjet Press exceeded Jet Mail’s standards for quality and performance. The press’ larger sheet size yields more pages on the sheet, allowing for substantial cost and production benefits. An important factor was the UV ink process which creates high-quality images that do not require time-consuming drying time.

The AccurioJet KM-1 press’ ability to use a standard offset grade sheet means Jet Mail saves time and expense by not having to pre-treat or buy pre-treated paper stock. The UV-printed pages withstand rough handling, which allows going directly from production to mail quickly without worrying about the print being chipped or degraded in the mailing process.

A Growing Partnership

The support from the AccurioJet team continues beyond the devices. The team works closely with Jet Mail, sharing their technical, production and business development experience to help Jet Mail unlock the capabilities of the AccurioJet KM-1, which in turn helps identify new revenue opportunities for Jet Mail and its clients.

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“We are excited about our partnership with Jet Mail, one of the most successful and proven marketing organizations in Massachusetts.  Konica Minolta and Jet Mail are working as strategic partners.  We look forward to our excellent people and technology helping Jet Mail reach new heights,” says Bill Troxil, Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions.

Inkjet Replacing Offset

One of the advantages of digital print soon became apparent. Jet Mail, true to their spirit of innovation and commitment to the future, decided to retire their offset operation for a 100% digital print plant. Jet Mail management worked with their staff to make sure they had the training and support they needed to be comfortable with the transition. When the AccurioJet KM-1 was installed, the offset printers were removed, and the next chapter of Jet Mail’s story was ready for print.

KM 1 Creative Samples

Since that day, Jet Mail has relied on the productivity, flexibility and outstanding output quality of the AccurioJet KM-1 to meet the bulk of their clients’ requirements for exceptional print products.

As Jet Mail celebrates its 25th year, it seems the company is positioned to exceed their past success at enhancing customer experiences to earn an even greater number of long-term customers.

The new AccurioJet KM-1 Inkjet Press Creative Samples Collection, showing the printer’s inkjet quality is now available.


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