Maximizing Print ROI: Binding & Fine-Finishing Article 3 of 4: Sophisticated Simplicity

A product’s final finish helps buyers determine value whether the product is automobiles, diamonds or printed output. This four-article “Maximizing Print ROI: Binding & Fine-Finishing” series examines the technology, engineering and innovation SDD provides to help printers unlock enhanced profit opportunities.

SDD article3 enews 1Smart Dedicated Design (SDD) looks at the world of print and fine-finishing and sees opportunities for printers. Those opportunities include increased profits from existing relationships while also attracting new clients by providing finely finished, square spine booklets, magazines and brochures.

The creative design and engineering talent at SDD know how to answer the call to increased profitability with simple yet sophisticated fine-finishing solutions.

To see how SDD solutions enable businesses to enjoy the benefits of fine-finishing, request the Smart Dedicated Design Binding and Fine-Finishing eBook. 


The Booklet Finishing Value Proposition

What do you think about when you pick up a booklet or a brochure?

As someone associated with the print industry, you probably think a bit differently than a "civilian." You might go through a mental checklist of the piece’s components – the 

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type of paper, printing process, color quality, fold, and presentation. Your internal calculator is adding up the cost of each step.

But, your customer and your customer’s customer think differently. When they receive a brochure in the mail, at a conference, from an auto dealership, a retailer or a medical provider, they are assessing the value of the product, service or providing organization based upon the visual and tactile clues received from the brochure.

Maximizing return on investment (ROI) is key to profitability.

When one attends a high-end conference or test drive a high-end automobile, a finely-finished booklet rather than a collection of loose, varied size pages is expected.

The binding process certainly can augment the value proposition: a finely-finished, square bound document can further enhance the customer experience and signify a product or service of superior quality.

An enhanced customer experience is what every company desires to accomplish, and companies seek print providers that can produce materials that provide that experience.

A finely finished, bound document can serve as the ambassador of the brand.

Be That Printer

SDD article3 enews 3The ability to produce high-quality booklets, brochures, and magazines brings another level of opportunity to your portfolio of customer solutions. The added value of fine-finishing can be offered to a wide range of clients and their brands.

A typical print plant already has much of the technology needed to produce high quality, finished booklets. When it comes to the critical final equipment to turn loose papers or standard bound booklets into finely finished brochures, the solutions from Smart Dedicated Design are available to deliver the fine-finishing technology with a short ROI.

Bound and finely finished information is just one example of how solutions from SDD transform ordinary print into a high-quality document capable of enhancing the customer experience.

The Best Partner with the Best Printers

The world's leading production printer manufacturers recognize and appreciate the value of SDD's approach to binding design and development.

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Smart Dedicated Design fine-finishing modules are found in combination with digital printers from a variety of vendors including Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Ricoh and Xerox. These industry leaders partner with SDD to combine smart, integrated booklet making modules with their production printers.

These world-class printer vendors recognize the value SDD adds to their portfolio. They appreciate the modular engineering elegance that allows SDD’s finishing modules to match the 'look and feel' of their equipment while operating seamlessly with their production engines. Most importantly, the customers of SDD’s printer partners gain from the sophisticated simplicity, automated high-performance booklet binding and finishing modules.

With a ‘One Button’ automated operating approach and easy-service design, SDD modules add significant value with minimal equipment and personnel cost.

Where Are the Opportunities?

SDD’s clients increase profits from existing relationships while also attracting new clients by providing finely finished, square spine booklets, magazines and brochures for applications like:

  • Business Conferences: In place of a shuffle of schedules, programs, name tags, etc. wouldn’t the organizers prefer a square-bound booklet containing all necessary documents and name tags?
  • Automobile Dealerships: Businesses like this are focused on representing their vehicles with high-quality brochures. Premier dealers add more personalized and targeted magazine-style publications that feature the luxury vehicles, services and accessories they provide.
  • Retailers: Stores promote everything from designer clothes to electronics with catalogs and quarterly magazine mailings. These publications range from booklets to full-sized seasonal product line publications. Every furniture store longs to compete with the Ikea catalog.
  • Medical Practices: Doctors, hospitals and laboratories offer booklets, brochures, pamphlets and pharma-sponsored documents, personalized to the services and specialties of the medical group. Many hospitals desire to provide discharged patients with a pamphlet detailing their post-surgery regime, medications and follow-up appointments.
  • Corporate Enterprises: Companies distribute printed booklets, pamphlets and magazines with information related to benefits, policy, training, hiring, departures… They also produce documents for shareholders, investors, clients, prospects and governmental entities all of which are valuable corporate branding opportunities.

When a printer’s sales team begins querying clients and prospects for their ideas on how finely finished booklets can benefit their business objectives, many additional applications will be discovered.

With an SDD bound booklet, all the parties benefit:

  • The printer’s customer gains a profit-enhancing, brand extension
  • The printer earns a satisfied customer and additional profits

It’s the sophisticated simplicity of a win-win scenario!

Learn more about SDD’s profit unlocking fine-finishing solutions in the Smart Dedicated Design Binding and Fine-Finishing eBook


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