Great Players…Have A Fierce Work Ethic…and A Great  Coach

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By Sid Chadwick

“We don’t have time to waste on Sales Training…or Listening Skills…or Relationship Development…for Reps… or Inside Sales Reps….We hire experienced Reps, and they need to be out selling….!”…..V.P. of Sales, with 14 Sales Reps


How many talented people, with hopes of finding an employer who wants them to develop and be successful pass through our doors as employees…and then move on…?

Evidence is that most employees desperately want opportunities to develop. However, from their 1st day of employment, do they know:question mark

  1. Who to go to with questions needing answers…?
  2. What their employer’s and supervisor’s expectations are for: (a) skills development, (b) what to learn and do, and (c) what not to do….?

People forget…so quickly……(…if we ever knew…):

  • Tom Brady was Draft Pick No. 199 in the 6th Round (Think about that…!). No one will beat his Conference Championship or Super Bowl records – in my lifetime.
  • Steph Curry was too small, too skinny, and passed over by both UNC-Chapel Hill - and Duke. He then carried his Davidson College Team to the NCAA Final 8. Now in the NBA, he has changed the game of basketball at all levels (grade school, college and professional, Internationally, men and women – “Go Caitlin..!”) - Forever…with his 3-point shooting prowess – !
  • Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVDIA, the leading AI company worth over a Trillion dollars by market capitalization, was born in Taiwan. English is his second language. He and his brother were sent to live with a relative in Tacoma, WA - at the age of nine.

To anyone who asks Jensen Huang, Tom Brady, or Steph Curry, they’ll tell us that their fierce work ethic - is the only reason they accomplished – and are still accomplishing – their life’s work…!

You gotta do the work….”

You and I know Reps - whose major customers (a) don’t want to work with anyone else - but them…and… (b) after meeting your Rep once, don’t have time to see them again.

I’ve told more than one client, who asked, “How do I pick the Sales Rep to hire?

success aheadMy response: “Give me the Sales Rep with mediocre talent, and a ‘fierce work ethic,’  and we’ll develop a champion.”

However, “Give me a socially skilled, bright Rep, with little to no work ethic, and I’ll show you someone who will compromise almost everything they touch.”


Most champions tell us that there was – one person – usually a coach or a supervisor – who gave them:

  1. Recognition for a job well done.
  2. Instruction for what could be improved.
  3. And…repeatedly told them their potential was significant – waiting to be developed.

Who in your “Circle of Influence” – is privately thinking about moving on to another company ….or are you personally developing - into a champion…?

“You can not allow your passion for excellence to destroy your compassion for them as human beings.”…..General Jim Mattis, Call Sign Chaos, p.173.



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