Do We Mistakenly Look to Institutions – For Clarity of Direction….?

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By Sid Chadwick

“…we need a better vision for how we create value for employees – a vision for their success.”…Jeff Bezos, Founder, CEO, Amazon, The Wall Street Journal


Effective Leadership.. does not hide behind social smokescreens.

skills requiredddWhere do our associations say our great industry is going..?  (Do they say anything…?)

  • It is “hard” to teach and cross-train employees new skills -- every day.
  • It is “hard” to get acceptable, reliable production -- without knowledgeable, trained, motivated employees.

Choose “Which hard”.

  • It is “hard” to retain valuable employees -- who do not know why they should stay, who do not know their potential career path at our company, and who do not receive systematic and frequent feedback and guidance re. their performance.
  • It is “hard” to keep hiring and training new employees – without a true mission and story of what we do, why and how we help our community, and why our employees are increasing their value with what they learn – every day.

Choose “Which hard”.

  • It is “hard” to retain valuable employees -- who do not know and are not systematically reminded -- of their immediate and long-term benefits from working here.
  • It is “hard” to have knowledgeable multiple shifts when senior management and HR have contact mostly with only the first shift.

Choose “Which hard”.

  • It is “hard” to develop a true Team atmosphere – when there’s no frequent collaboration and sharing of information, too few written SOP’s, and too many repeated errors – with a little honest review of multiple causes – for errors.
  • It is “hard” to develop a true Team atmosphere – for improved performance --  if key Production and Senior Management are not visiting Top 20 accounts – with Account Executives.

Choose “Which hard”.


Success AheadThere’s a mindset that says….effort and resources required for mediocrity…even failure…tends to be no less than that which is required for success.

A CEO, with a 35-year relentless attitude – that anything and everything can be improved in his company – has asked for a draft of a sustainable Profit Sharing/Retirement Plan – for all front-line employees, and Dept. Supervisors.

He wants to improve Employee Retention…. He wants to improve Cross-Training…. He wants to improve Recruitment.

He also appears to not be looking for guidance -- from an institution.

“I look back each day and ask myself.. (and… my subordinates)… ‘What did we learn today?’.....Some days I spend 6 or more hours – teaching.”…..Ken Huizenga, Spectrum Printing, Tucson, AZ



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