That Thin Long Line…Behind Us

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By Sid Chadwick

“Do not neglect hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”…….Hebrews  13:2


Nelson HoOn April 1st, Nelson Ho, President of NEJC Corp, left his family...and our great industry.

There is no one standing in line… behind him.

Nelson, born in Taiwan, came to this country at 25… to pursue higher education. He earned two Masters Degrees and a Ph.D. – reaching director and V. P. of Environmental Compliance – before starting his own consulting practice.

He worked for some time as an associate with Ray Prince, who was heard to remark, “Nelson was the only Consultant at GATF who billed out more than me in a year.”

He was known to travel about 200 days a year, even after reaching retirement and supporting his children’s development, of whom he was very proud.  On continuing his service to his clients, he would easily share, “There’s nothing else I’d rather do. “

He was generous with his information – that clients could use. One client he and I shared, whose company has been on a “ripping tear” of growth over 2020, was heard to testify in a Zoom Meeting, “I have Nelson come in once a year, to audit my company.  As tight as I am on where we invest money, I never hesitate to have Nelson come in…he keeps us safe, alert to potential issues…and my employees recognize that his presence is also my investment in them.”


Evolving business conditions and our industry -- are pruning… who stays in business…separating those with a deep, long term commitment to a better future – from those who are focusing on… “good enough”…and.. “that’s the way we’ve always done it…”.

We do not have enough Nelson Ho’s.

Our next generations need effective leadership re. the “work ethic”… and “qualities ”… that are required… to be successful.

Nelson Ho’s Memorial can be found at Mullins Memorial Funeral Home, Cape Coral, FL. (Oct. 28, 1949 – April 1, 2021).

“There’s a lot of room at the top”…..Clyde Randolph, Family Attorney




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