What’s Your Organization’s Comfort Level….?

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By Sid Chadwick

“I trained four years to run nine-seconds…and people give-up when they don’t see results in two months.”………….Usain Bolt, Brian Dodd On Leadership


Most high-performance organizations tell us that when establishing new, higher-performance goals, those goals and ambitions need to be understood and respected by their performance teams. Any pain or discomfort – tends to be temporary – by the “User Team” - going forward.

Those not willing to put forth their best efforts – tend to soon depart, which also improves the performance of those remaining. (Hellooo…!)

We see that in our basic military training units. We see that in our secondary school and college teams. Great players often credit their achievements to a coach – who inspired and nurtured them beyond what they thought was achievable.

Consultant Ray Prince and I conducted 3-Day Pressroom Workshops, usually attended by half a dozen companies and up to ten Pressroom Crews. By our 3rd Day, commitments were in writing from attendees that would generate significant additional company productivity and revenue inspired by Front-line Pressroom Leadership. (Pressroom Managers were not allowed to attend or to speak to their crews. Once this was recognized and understood by attendees – honesty and candor could develop – including trust, and ambitious goals that were recognized as achievable.

Follow-up of attendees 3-Days - was mandatory. Some attending companies reported attaining as much as one shift of additional productivity – per day - at no additional labor cost…!

Results were shared among attending Press Crews.

It’s been written that the American worker is potentially the most productive in the world. It’s in our DNA. No kings or queens came to America – only individuals and cultures – “striving to be free.”

basketballWe see evidence to this effect in our inspirational NCAA Tournament games. For example, UConn is breaking and establishing radical new winning game margins – while getting to the Final Four as this column is written - beating great teams – without shooting, or needing to shoot - many 3-Point shots….! (Breaking the developing pop culture that you can’t win in today’s competition - without lots of 3-point shots.)

UConn’s relentless intensity of purpose – takes your breath away…! (Do you dare think they aren’t measuring and critically, productively- reviewing – everything….? What could we do better….?)


Are your different departments, publicly charting, at least biweekly, their (improving…?) productivity…?

Are biweekly (or monthly) department and shift discussions conducted, and reported to the Teams – about what could be – and is - improved…? (Are managers required to attend, but not allowed to interfere with discussions…?)

If you have 5 employees, or 200, tell me you can’t measure and publicly chart your organization’s performance – that leads to performance improvement…?

Interesting observation re. “Measuring Performance:” My neighborhood kids have afternoon half-court pick-up basketball games, I love to see. (They are not inside, glued to their digital smart phones…!) If you attempt to take away their ability to keep score, their game – instantly – stops….!

Is there a lesson there for your departments…?

Who’s nurturing the competitive spirit in your organization….?

“I trained four years to run nine-seconds…and people give-up when they don’t see results in two months.”………….Usain Bolt, Brian Dodd On Leadership













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