Lack of Internal Communications….Fuels Apathy…and Poor Performance

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By Sid Chadwick

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might not get there…..”…Yogi Berra


The owner’s son asked me what I thought of his Company starting an Internal Newsletter.

My response: Do it…but only if you make content worthwhile to read, and you produce it on a regular, predictable schedule…your organization doesn’t need another “Program for the Month”…that then dies a death of neglect”

He asked, “What should content be?”

A few Suggestions:

--- Parts of the history of your Company, why and when started….what it was like….who was involved….different stages of growth, and when they occurred.

--- Feedback from Customers…good and bad…. but make critical remarks --- instructive re  what needs to be improved.

--- What employee was observed going “the extra mile” to assist another employee, or a Customer.

--- When is the next Company Meeting.

--- Birthdays and employment anniversaries… celebrate.

--- Upcoming Educational sessions --- such as from a supplier.

--- New Customers….and why they chose us as a new supplier….what they liked most.

--- Any new policies, such as smoking breaks, or changes in medical coverage.

--- Improved performances, from Production. (Be sure to name the department, and why ongoing Performance Improvement is important.)

--- Any awards or recognition from your industry or local organization.

--- An employee’s significant family event, such as a new child born or adopted, a grandchild, a marriage (this type of item allows you to develop your internal, informal reporters).

--- Next major Company outing, such as a picnic, cookout on the parking lot, holiday party, etc.

--- Upcoming Performance Reviews, or other important events or processes --- everyone should know about.

--- Any new technology or equipment coming, and how it will be used for Customers, for improving company performance.

--- What needs to be improved

--- What charitable organization event…. is your organization supporting, and inviting volunteers to serve.

--- Some “Humor”… is almost always good. Most folks have at least one major problem, that’s private, and so a “lift” from humor… that’s regularly in your Company Newsletter --- folks quickly learn to look for. 

If you have a Mission, or set of Values your Company tries to live by and serve, reminding employees of those important parts of being part of your Company --- is almost always worthwhile.


Employees are …..a critical part of your organization. They are important to your organization’s performance, and future performance.  Reminding them that they are important… usually helpful.

What are you doing, to invite them….to encourage…. their feeling like they are part of more than just a job…?

In today’s environment, many people want to be important…. to where they invest most of their lives.

A Company Newsletter, well-written, worth reading….can serve that objective.

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.”………………Lucille Ball



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