The Print Drives American Foundation Kicks Off a Second Round of Funding Starting March 18th


Millions Have Been Reached With Our Positive Print Messages

 Print Drives America Foundation Has Gained Amazing National Success

New York –March 18th, 2021…..The Print Drives America Foundation, now entering its fourth year, reached more than two million people last year. Our Wall Street Journal ads combined with our multi-platform communications blitz has made PRINT the poster boy for all media.

The Print Drives America Foundation was formed in late 2017 by the Printing Industries Alliance. The national print advocacy initiative is registered as a 501©3 charitable organization. Marty Maloney, the Executive Vice President of the Printing Industries Alliance is also the Executive Director of the Foundation.

We did not ask for donations in our first three years. Now we are starting a second round of fundraising to cover more WSJ ads, more trade advertising, more public relations, more webinars, keynotes, press conferences, more speeches, more direct mail, more tool kits for printers and more of everything that advances PRINT.

Our messages strongly encourage the use of PRINT. Every time a company uses PRINT, Printers are the beneficiaries. Please donate to the Print Drives America Foundation so our messages can continue to drive your printing volume.

Our average printer donation has been $1200.  We are the only PRINT specific national organization dedicated to advancing the use of PRINT.

Our fundraising initiative will continue for several months; first for existing donors to date, then new donors, then printers across America, print users and finally friends of Print with a focus on vendors.

Donations can be made via the Print Drives America donation form, or by calling, texting or emailing Marty Maloney, Executive Director, Print Drives America at 203 912 0804 or [email protected] or [email protected]

We are on the verge of making PRINT the most effective media of all! We need your help to push the needle all the way to PRINT. PLEASE DONATE TODAY !



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