SDD Finishing Link Technology: The Missing Link For Your Canon Booklet Maker

Increase Profits, Automation, and Quality

If increased profits or automation are of interest to your print operation - may we recommend booklet making.

If you already produce booklets - may we suggest a method to improve the speed, accuracy, and profits from your existing operation?

Many companies provide booklet makers. But the important question is the quality of the booklets. Are they average, mediocre… or even poor? Then, perhaps there is a missing link in booklet making?

SDD logoSDD can provide that missing link!

Who Is SDD?

You may already be using an SDD module as we supply the in-line finishing products sold by many of the industry’s premier print manufacturers such as Canon, Konica Minolta, Océ, Ricoh, and Xerox.

SDD has been enhancing booklet making in the USA for more than 12 years by supplying first-class booklet makers and providing modules for in-line systems from printer vendors.

We are extremely proud of our forming units that give booklets a square spine, and superior booklet trimming systems that dramatically upgrade the quality of the final booklet.

Smart Dedicated Design

SDD stands for Smart Dedicated Design. Founded in the Netherlands in 1999, we soon became a leader in booklet making technology.

With our own R&D department and production facility, SDD designs, develops and manufactures modular systems. SDD has a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and longevity. And, SDD offers worldwide service support and parts.

Call to Action

If you would like to consider booklet making OR if your current booklet operation could do with an upgrade, the missing link is just a couple of clicks away. To learn more about the Finishing Power of SDD CLICK HERE.

Among the giants in finishing and trimming, we are a smaller boutique operation, so you can always feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn. I think you will like our technology and how we operate.

Arnoud Kerkhof
Director, SDD




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