Why Should I Stay…..?

By Sid Chadwick

“We also  test for ‘desire to learn’…..if a prospective employee doesn’t have an innate desire  to learn, there’s no need for us to invest our resources --- when there’s a built-in limitation – from the very beginning.”….................Tony Tedeschi, President, Piedmont Press & Graphics Warrenton, VA


The days of cheap labor, and little recognition for the value of talent --- that wants to grow --- are mostly…. behind us.

Most employees are interested in the question, Where do I go from here --- and when…?”….though most don’t have much of a chance to discuss that question……

In today’s world, an ambitious, gifted employee --- is asking themselves that question --- probably --- several times…. a day.

My next question, “How often do you have a sit-down private discussion about that employee’s ambitions, skills not being used by the company, and where she/he sees opportunities --- to improve the company’s performance…?”

Every time a valuable employee leaves, some would say, “This is an opportunity to improve what we had.”

And so I ask, “Why did that person leave…?

And, what is it going to cost you to replace them? The general answer to that last question is, “At least  what you paid them --- in a year ---if--- they were a good employee --- not a great employee….”

Slowly, “talent” is being appreciated --- for how it can be used to (a) solve problems, (b) improve processes, and (c) improve profitability --- and (d) performance --- for customers.

Why is that occurring, and important…?

Have you ever tried to: (a) solve problems, (b) improve processes, and (c) improve profitability --- without trained, talented, motivated  personnel…?

If you aren’t including your most talented personnel in those type discussions, how’s that working for you….?


I’ll never forget, as I was leaving a company I’d been an important part of --- for over 11 years (…specifically, in charge of sales & marketing….), where we’d grown revenues --- from less than $9 million --- to over $67 million ….while never borrowing money--- to accomplish that ride.

As I brought my replacement into my office (he was a Morehead Scholar --- who lasted about 30 months), he was overheard to remark, “It’s amazing how much talent comes in …..and goes out…. these doors.”

I’ll never forget that observation………..

“A teacher affects eternity………he can never tell where his influence stops”………….Henry Adams



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