How To Develop Customers’ Revenues

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By Sid Chadwick

 “…Our national and regional associations have abandoned our industry…particularly as it relates to development of Business Development and Margin Development skills…and how to effectively use the most powerful tools that are now available…..” ……President of a $25 Million Commercial Printer 


time for actionWe can now teach Outside and Inside Sales Reps…. how to find target prospects and customers, for current target prospects and customers – whom their current customers and prospects -  didn’t know existed…!  (Prior to this development, commercial printers, after winning competitive quotes, were reduced to customers bringing projects - their customers wanted printed….!)

The difference – is radical. Proactive… vs…. Reactive…..!

The ability to use new, publicly available information to solve real-world Case Studies - is being taught - at the university level, since 2015, courtesy of an initiative from Dr. Jerry Waite - and Adjunct Professor, Mark S. Hargrove – at The University of Houston.

For Example: If a Sales Rep for a Commercial Printer has a customer who wants to identify:   

  1. All homes in a given county with income over $500,000 (multiple income levels are available).
  2. Names of those homes’ occupants (which could include apartment addresses).
  3. Lifestyle issues (e.g., travel, hobbies, reading preferences, clothing preferences, cooking preferences, entertainment, etc.,) 

We can deliver…. that information….for targeted Business Development….!

prospects and leadsAs another Example: A Sales Rep (we know) - for a Commercial Printer - has expertise in successfully selling Architectural and Land Development Companies. Through techniques using SIC and NAICS Databases, we uncovered 100’s of target prospects, with revenues over $500,000/yr., our Sales Rep didn’t know existed – within a 50-mile radius of his company.  


This Curriculum at the U. of Houston - is available - to other Graphic Communications schools, per Dr. Jerry Waite.

In the meantime, Dr. Jerry Waite is on record saying that this particular Curriculum is so valuable to graduating students (this particular Curriculum is now a required course – with 6 classes per year, and growing), that approx. 60% of their graduates are being hired by companies - outside Graphic Communications.

Additionally, Adjunct Professor S. Mark Hargrove is available to assist with Curriculum development and needed teaching styles – for this new Curriculum, as the skills Mark’s Case Study teaching style provides – is not technology-driven, but rather Business Development and Revenue Development driven.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the one who do.”…..Anonymous



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