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The printing industry is not an isolated industry; the impacts of the Covid-19 virus on it will affect many different industries. Question, should chemicals that are used in printing be saved for sanitizers and disinfectants? My first response, yes, of course. But there is a dilemma, without the chemicals, ‘food packaging’ cannot be printed. Read t... Read More

The last time the world economy was teetering on the brink of disaster, Lance Dixon made a move you wouldn’t have found in the small business owner playbook. “When my business was struggling financially after the Great Recession, I doubled down and bought a new printing press and another printing company,” he says. “Looking back, it was the watersh... Read More

"While initial legislation calls for a federal mandate requiring businesses with 500 and fewer employees to provide 12 weeks of paid leave, PIA is hearing loud and clear from its members that there is not liquidity nor tolerance for debt available to fulfill this mandate. The result could lead to an acceleration of layoffs and closures," said Micha... Read More

The proper buying of Print is a difficult task and like health-care, it is a custom-made transaction, a custom-made experience. Patients can’t “test-drive” the health-care they experience. They can’t “test-drive” the project they need printed. Most of your Buyers want something improved. Do you know what that might be? Read More