Dr FontZ: TrueType Signature Font

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Question: Dr FontZ, We were told our signature needs to be created as a TrueType font rather quickly for a corporate project. Based on the previous font we had, we need the signature to be in ABCDE with a specific height and point size. Can you help as our group does not know how to do this?

Dr FontZ: My team would be happy to help. Because TrueType fonts are outlines, not bitmaps, the characters are normally segmented where there is open space between them rather than fixed width characters. So, the signature for “John H. Smith” would normally have “John” for “A”, “H.” for “B” and “Smith” for “C”.  A TrueType font is scalable to whatever size you want, so you do not specify a point size.

Question:  I didn’t know the characters are normally segmented between open space. We need to use it in our designer tool and the character splitting needs to match our printer font. Are you able to create the TrueType font but use character ABCDE?

Tech Support: Yes, we can do that.

Question: Can we use it in our designer tool to match the fonts on our printer?

Dr FontZ: Yes, if you are looking for TrueType fonts to use in your design tool with the same character splitting to match the fonts used on your printers, we can do it. If it is a new signature, we can even build both the TrueType font for your document designer and a matching Xerox or AFP font in the needed sizes at the same time.




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