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Harvey R. Levenson, a longtime Cal Poly professor, is an advocate for processes that bring the value of print to life. Harvey has been researching ways to ensure print’s relevance in the digital world by supporting reading, viewing videos, and listening in print-based messaging. Read his findings for elevating expectations in print and helping prep... Read More

A low-budget movie is often obvious when the opening credits font and typography choices are poor. In like manner, recipients of your client’s important corporate communication or direct mail campaign judge its value based on that important first impression - typography. An expensive direct mail campaign can be a total failure based on a negative f... Read More

Waiting for techs to arrive for problem resolutions is a productivity killer while remote response service is a productivity enhancer. But, remote service infrastructure requires investments in the best systems, processes, and personnel. Kodak’s investments support their remote technical teams who resolve 1 out of 2 problems. Read how Remote Respo... Read More

Digital print is all about switching perspective from a cost game to a value game. “The supply chain efficiencies associated with digital printing is something everyone knows. What I think really gets these early adopters excited isn’t the savings they can make, but how much additional revenue they can generate by adding value,” said Donald Allred,... Read More

Industry reps are making a concentrated effort to expand the graphic communication library at Chowan University. Longtime industry consultant, Raymond J. Prince, is one of the leaders of the effort to gain materials for the school. Prince stated, “I am proud to support this effort and encourage my friends and associates to assist with the request f... Read More