Kodak Announces Efficient Connectivity Between KODAK PRINERGY Workflow 8.4 and Canon’s PRISMAsync Print Server v7.2

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Kodak logoRochester, New York, February 20, 2020 - Kodak has announced the integration between KODAK PRINERGY Workflow 8.4 and Canon’s PRISMAsync Print Server starting with v7.2. This new integration provides PRINERGY users a quick, seamless, and efficient method to set up, control, and monitor print jobs.

Thanks to the new connectivity, PRINERGY Setup can receive device properties from the PRISMAsync Print Server and import the Canon digital press’s media and substrate library. PRINERGY Job Ticket Editor for the PRISMAsync Print Server enables users to define print parameters as needed and save them for later use. Furthermore, PRINERGY Track records all print jobs on the PRISMAsync Print Server, and for queued jobs that were sent from PRINERGY, most settings can be changed.

“Kodak’s goal is to provide customers access to the PRINERGY automated production workflow for controlling all their print processes. This connectivity means that Canon production presses can now be efficiently controlled using our industry-leading PRINERGY Workflow solution,” commented Todd Bigger, President Kodak Software Division and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company.



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