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"Unprecedented." That word keeps coming up to describe the collective health and economic challenges the world is facing. While these events have been challenging, Sunil Gupta, the CEO of Memjet, believes that it is not what happens in our lives that define us; it's how we respond. Read Mr. Gupta's update on his first 100 days as CEO at Memjet.

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Adding Wide-Format Printing capabilities might be a bold move, but many companies see it as the right move. Customers are more willing to award printing companies that can provide all of their printing needs. They don’t want to take the time to contact multiple vendors when they can do business with a company that offers an extended range of produc...

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Just when we got used to the word “pandemic,” we learn it is an “endemic.” In many ways, we are socially closer to our colleagues, but in a physical distance way. A new level of empathy and trust will be needed in the business world, replacing “direction and control.” Sharing experiences helps us find our way in the uncharted territory that lies ah...

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