Our Vision is Your Value: Konica Minolta’s Solutions & Services

September 30, 2013

Konica MinoltaCompetition isn’t about feeds or speeds. It’s about who knows the customer best.

Sam Errigo

By Sam Errigo, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.'s senior vice president of Business Intelligence Services

I’ve been with Konica Minolta for four years, but I like to think I have been preparing for my current role for the past 27 years. From Kodak to Danka to Standard Register, my prior positions have prepared me to work with our leadership team to take Konica Minolta from a hardware-centric company to a services focused organization.

I joined Konica Minolta to assist with the company’s transformation strategy and foster growth in our services and solutions business. Our strategy has proven to be successful as market share has grown from 10.2% in 2008 to 16.6% in 2012. Our services and solutions business growth has accelerated during that time, too.


We provide the right level of support, solutions, and technology that maps specifically to the business drivers that are important to our customers. We thrive on serving customers ranging from small and midsize businesses (SMB), midmarket and the Fortune 1000. We are heavily invested in growing our market position in the commercial print segment through advanced workflow solutions that add value to our existing production portfolio. I take a special interest in our print production business as my marketing career started with providing technology services to this segment.


Competition is no longer just about feeds and speeds. It’s about how well you know the customer, how well you know their environment and their applications. The more you know, the better positioned you are. You build up credibility with the organizations that you serve and they begin to trust you as an adviser and as an architect for the future.

Our EnvisionIT offering was designed to create a brand that clearly communicates our value proposition to key vertical markets we serve. The culmination of services, solutions and after-market support with vertical application focus is core to our transformation strategy. Our continued investment in training and development coupled with fewer but more strategic software partnerships will better position Konica Minolta for long term success.

The old saying “actions speak louder then words” is very applicable when describing what Konica Minolta has done to realize our transformational strategy. Over the past four years, we have aggressively built one of the premier Managed IT businesses in the US via our acquisition of All Covered to support both our dealer and direct channels. We have developed a robust portfolio of software and services that has been recognized as industry leading by Buyer’s Lab and supports our EnvisionIT strategy. Our new Enterprise Content Management Practice is designed to assist customers with data management and enhance workflow processes to streamline operations. These expanded capabilities tie our existing services such as Optimized Print Service (OPS) together to deliver a full range of services to support our customers.


Coming from the production side of the house, I have a very good understanding of competitive realities—how you make money in a crowded marketplace—and what’s important to commercial printers. At Konica Minolta, we think like business owners and constantly challenge the norm to find new ways to deliver value to our customers. We constantly ask ourselves, “If I were a printer, if I were in the graphic arts industry, what tools are needed to provide incremental value to my customers? How can I drive profitability? How can I differentiate my capabilities?” We’ve always been on that cutting edge, trying to think differently and delivering the resources to the market to help the industry take cost out and drive incremental value to their operations.


Built to Last“Built to Last” is one of my favorite books. In one chapter (“Good Enough to Last”), author Jim Collins explains that visionary companies ask the right questions. They’re not measuring their performance against competitors and they’re not content to rest on today’s results. Instead, visionary companies are always looking ahead—how can they improve tomorrow’s performance? According to Collins, there is no finish line. A visionary company is never satisfied with its results—it invests in in the future and adapts to newer ideas and technology earlier than others. I am here to tell you that Konica Minolta is a visionary company.


We have developed a comprehensive solutions and services offering to complement our world-class hardware portfolio. I look forward to explaining how our Managed Print Services, Managed IT Services, professional services, software solutions and aftermarket support can support your specific needs.

Coming Next: I'll show how Managed Print Services combined with Managed IT Services can create new efficiencies—and cost savings—for customers.

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