Print Industry Perspective: 3 Production Software Trends

September 26, 2013

TrendIn a recent blog, InfoTrends’ Stephanie Pieruccini explained that as software continues to play a pivotal role for printers – improving workflow inefficiencies and enabling more services – tradeshows like PRINT 13 (held Sept 8 – 12, 2013 in Chicago, Ill.) are great resources for industry affiliates to learn about the latest advancements.

“The PRINT 13 theme, ‘Innovate, Integrate, Communicate,’ reiterates the importance of investing in production software,” explains Pieruccini, “to improve workflows and [enable] more services, by innovating processes in place, integrating with other systems and improving communication across devices as well as with customers.”

Pieruccini highlighted three software trends – based on news and PRINT 13 announcements – which the industry should have watched for during the recent PRINT 13 event.

According to Pieruccini, three key software trends from PRINT 13 are:
1. Personalized Maps
2. Software Movement to the Cloud
3. Advancements in Workflow Management

Trend No. 1 – Personalized Maps
Pieruccini blogged that “Advancements in the realm of personalization are focusing on the creation of personalized maps that can be incorporated in cross-media marketing campaigns.”

growthShe noted locr GMBH, which she said, has been making headways into the United States market since early 2012 since their partnership with XMPie to support the XMPie Mapping Service. Since then, she explained, locr maps has developed strategic partnerships with GMC and Pageflex and announced their plans to expand their presence in the United States. locr’s VIDEOmaps include dynamic zoom, routing and multiple animations.

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Trend No. 2 – Movement to the Cloud
Pieruccini wrote that the production software space, another major industry trend, is the movement towards enabling products and services to be accessed in the cloud. “Cloud-enabled workflows started gaining a lot of attention and momentum in 2012,” she said in her blog, noting that InfoTrends expects the trends to continue.

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Trend No. 3 – Advancements in Workflow Management
According to Pieruccini, there have been a number of new product announcements and advancements being made to production workflow management solutions in the months leading up to PRINT 13. She pointed out: Kodak’s Prinergy 6 and Ricoh Americas’ TotalFlow 2.0 as examples.

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