Performance Meets Versatility, Remembering Bill Lamparter

March 16, 2017
American Printer
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One Canon Event 2017 Game Changing Information & Technology @ One Canon 2017
One Canon 2017, hosted by Canon USA's Chairman and CEO, was packed with information ranging from Canon satellites to medical and photography innovations to a revolutionary, game-changing UVgel wide format printer.

Bell and Howell
                                              System Do You Need to Sort Difficult Mailpieces?
The Criterion Apex DM allows you to handle virtually any mail type that most sorters don't. It allows you to easily sort heavyweight, heavy-letter, slick or glossy, tall mail and much more.

                                              Lamparter Remembering Bill Lamparter
Bill Lamparter was a highly regarded industry consultant, observer, and analyst who played an active role in the printing industry. He will be greatly missed, and the sympathy of the industry goes out to his wife, Ann, and his family.

XMPie - Pi
                                              Day March 14 In Honor of Pi Day (March 14th)
XMPie Honored Their Slice of the Personalized π. Pi, the most famous ratio in mathematics, may be an irrational number, but it has provided the basis for purely rational fun. π shows us, the possibilities for the future are infinite.

Featured eBook: Performance Meets Versatility
As a graphics professional, your clients look to you to get their vision to market. The AccurioPress helps you do that and more. Built with one goal in mind, 'to increase output and reduce costs'.
Read the eBook

                                              Foundation Alumni in Print - Where Are They Now?
Scholarship recipients, now a part of our industry today, share with us their goals, thoughts and motivations. Read John Bratt's story, a 2001 graduate of West Virginia University Institute of Technology.

                                                Chadwick Break Down Barriers of Denial - Sid Chadwick
Would you like an extra $1,000,000 on your bottom-line? If so, you and your organization may need to do something or several somthing's differently. There are benefits in Pressroom Workshops.

Kodak & Xerox: An Inkjet Printing Business Sale??
Kodak recorded a 2016 profit and is now rumored to be selling their Prosper inkjet division, located in Dayton, Ohio. The most likely buyer seems to be Xerox but until the cash register rings, nothing is certain. See what Prosper's hometown newspaper has to say about the potential sale.

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