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March 2, 2017
American Printer
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Mike Lambert Unlocking the Value of Customer Interaction
Forward-thinking businesses today are striving to interactively communicate with consumers as a form of competitive advantage to help retain customers and drive consumer behavior to lower cost solutions and services.

Influence Next
                                                    Generation How 'Paying It Forward' Can Profit the Company
Smart leaders see that special something in a person, challenge them with great expectations, and nurture them as they grow into and beyond the next position. Discover how a company can enhance its team by Paying it Forward.

Featured Video: Grow Your Business with Color & Speed
This wide format printer can grow your business by making wide format full-color printing more flexible, simple and versatile in applications.
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Success University Design & Print Business Embraced Web to Print
Today's 'Millennial' and 'Generation Z' students are very keen to use online services. These generations expect to be able to order online and don't want to have to physically enter a print shop.

Print and
                                                    Scholarship Foundation Alumni in Print - Where Are They Now?
Scholarship recipients, now a part of our industry today, share with us their goals, thoughts and motivations. Read Jaclyn Brunkhorst's story, a 2010 graduate of the University of Central Missouri Warrensburg.

                                                      Chadwick Developing the Business - Sid Chadwick
How much financial management thinking do you offer to and encourage your plant manager to learn, exercise and pursue? Is their thinking only on 'all orders delivered on time'?

The Decline and Fall of Marketing
Marketing is getting pushed out of the boardroom and strategies built around customers are going with it. It's a self-inflicted banishment, and marketers are worried about it. Read how this self-imposed exile happen.

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