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February 16, 2017
American Printer
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Frank Romano - Cal Poly Konica Minolta Canada Interviews Professor Frank Romano
Leading industry expert Professor Frank Romano shares his views on the evolution of printing, impact of digital transformation, advancements in inkjet technologies and the future of printing and packaging.

Negotiation and Settlement Negotiation Lesson: Fight Hard, Fight Fair
Rather than approaching the negotiation with the objective of destroying the opponent, see opportunities to build relationships as both parties work towards an acceptable conclusion.

Helene Blanchette 9 Steps to Successfully Deliver a 1to1 Marketing Campaign
Part 5 of this 9-part series discusses the foundation of a successful data driven 1to1 marketing campaign. The more accurate the data is about an individual the better the probability of anticipating the customer's needs.

XMPie - Cashing In Cashing in on Your Next Marketing Campaign
Conducting relevant personalized communications with customers and prospects that span multiple channels is a surefire way to grow results on sales, loyalty and marketing effectiveness.

Featured Video: Extend Transpromotional Messaging
The Inveloper Finishing Systems are designed to yield dramatic messaging improvements, optimize your color printing assets, yield high processing efficiencies and reduce costs.
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                                                Scholarship Foundation Alumni in Print - Where Are They Now?
Scholarship recipients, now a part of our industry today, share with us their goals, thoughts and motivations. Read Patrice Resch's story, a 2012 graduate of California University of Pennsylvania.

Chris Bondy Executive Summary of Estimating Systems Research
A new study by RIT's Professor Chris Bondy reveals the primary and costly limitations that are dramatically hampering estimating cycle times for many PSP's and identifies desired features for future systems.

                                                Chadwick Developing the Business - Sid Chadwick
If you aren't improving in almost every corner of your company, including not just your manufacturing, but also your targeting of customers, and customer markets, you are in jeopardy.

Direct Mail There Will Always Be a Need for Direct Mail
A benefit to using direct mail is the low cost. Direct mail campaigns are typically cheaper than traditional print advertising campaigns because direct printed marketing materials are produced using digital printers.

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